Wooden Beverage Gift Tag

Wooden Beverage Gift Tags

I love it when I can use the scraps for projects! It’s like getting a project for free and who doesn’t love a free project!?! I have a few events coming up that I’ll want to take something bubbly for both the adults and the kids. I wanted to make some wooden beverage gift tags to dress them up a bit!

The boys were all happily playing so Micah and I slipped out for a little garage date to make some beverage gift tags! We popped into the shed and I found this little scrap goldmine! There were several pieces of 1 x 2 in the bucket that were perfect!

I wanted the tags to be 3″ long so I measure and marked them all for cutting. Since we were making them I figured it would be smart to just cut a whole bunch all at once.

A few cuts with the chop saw and I had my pile of blocks ready to have holes drilled in them.

Using a quarter inch drill bit, Micah drilled a hole through the side of the tag.

After the holes were all made, I set to sanding all the blocks. I actually really like sanding, there is something so gratifying about it! Once the blocks were cut and sanded they were ready to be finished!

To finish your tags you’ll need:

  • painted wooden tag {we used antique white spray paint}
  • paint pen
  • twine
  • scissors

Using a paint pen write a sentiment like Enjoy, Celebrate, Cheers, Congratulations, or maybe even just a heart.

Tie the wooden beverage gift tag to the bottle neck and you have a sweet gift perfect for your favorite hostess or really anyone!

Ok is this totally tacky….{you can be honest} but you could totally reuse these wooden beverage gift tags, too.

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