DIY Bunk Room Progress

Every once in a while I have an AUH-MAZING idea and this bad boy I have to say is an AUH-MAZING idea!

repurposed garage

When we moved in to this place we knew that we wanted to convert the basement garage into living space. We tossed a lot of different ideas around…a TV / theater room, an office, a 2nd master suite, etc. Micah and I aren’t fans of huge bedrooms and a one car garage makes a big bedroom leaving lots of space for junk. We settled on a bedroom for our oldest, a little hallway, and a closet for extra storage. We were in full planning mode for the bedroom and storage closet build, meanwhile, our two littles were sleeping together every night.

sweet sleeping brothers

They are SO sweet cuddled up together but Kell’s twin bed was starting to get a little small for them. Someone was always get squished towards the wall or on the floor. They each have their own beds in different rooms but they want to be together. Bunk beds are always fun but Ash didn’t want to sleep on the top bunk every night and Kell’s a bit too small to be a top bunker. Besides both of the kid rooms we currently have would be too tight for bunks. Then it hit me…we could build a bunk room!

The two littles could use it now and it would be perfect for sleep overs. We’ll have plenty of room for Gray to bring friends home from college someday and then further down the road space for grandkids! Cue the harps! We have a winning idea!!!

So here’s the plan…

  • 2 sets of built in bunks
    • each bunk will have a light, niche with electrical and USB outlet
  • 2 custom armoire style built in closets with a set of 2 drawers
  • window seat (the window seat is for me because I always wanted)

future bunk wall

The bunks will be built in an L shape along this wall and where the garage door is now.

left closet corner

The closest will flank this window with a window seat in the middle. I want this wall to be symmetrical.

right closet side

Our challenge is that we need access to the water shut off on the right and the electrical panel on the left.

goodbye garage door

Micah was excited to get started so he took out the garage door and started framing in the wall.

Pop back by next Tuesday to see what we’ve been working on this week!




Ruffle Christmas Gift Tag

We are a plaid/flannel family. I wear and love it. Micah’s whole wardrobe is mostly comprised of it and now our boys are starting to love it, too! So when I saw that Target was all about the plaid this year I was thrilled! They really brought it home with plaid tissue paper. Yes, tissue paper like the stuff you put in gift bags. Of course just putting some in a gift bag is fab but I wanted to go for divine..

Grab your sewing machine and let's make some Christmas Gift Tags!

Pardon me while I toot my own horn…toot! Toot! But these are Christmas tag perfection!

DIY Christmas Gift Tag Supplies


  • plaid tissue paper *Target
  • kraft paper gift tags
  • gold stamp pad
  • J-O-Y stamps
  • scissors
  • sewing machine with thread

Plaid Tissue Paper from Target is perfect for holiday crafts like these Christmas Gift Tags!

Start by pulling just one sheet of tissue paper out of the pack and fold it in 1/2.

tissue paper craft

Cut of an end keeping it folded.

Crafting with tissue paper

Start folding your ruffles.

Christmas Crafts

You kind of layer them on top of one another.

Paper Crafts For Christmas

Keep going until you have ruffled the whole strip.

Sewn Christmas Gift Tags

Grab a gift tag and sew the ruffled tissue paper on top of the tag. You have this darling Christmas gift tag but to take it to a whole other level let’s add some GOLD and JOY!

Gold Joy Christmas Gift Tag

Stamp the word JOY to make full Ruffle Christmas gift tag perfection.