Pom-pom Bunny Garland


Pom-pom Bunny Garland

I am gaga for garlands! I just love how quickly and easily they can add a splash of festive fun to any space! This adorable Pom-pom Bunny Garland is the perfect little punch of Easter fun and is SO easy to make!


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Pom-pom Making Supplies

To make the pom-poms you’ll need:

Since you only need 6 pom-poms you can whip these out in no time. My favorite times to make pom-poms are while watching TV or while waiting in the car for kids. I set a plastic grocery sack in my lap to catch any yarn scraps and pom-pom away! *There are great photo directions on the back of Large Pom Pom Maker package.

Bunny Face Template

My garland is really made with fun foam bunnies but cardstock bunnies will work just as well. I had actually found this pack of fun foam bunny faces in the One Spot at Target right before Easter last year in these super cool colors. I’m kicking myself for not grabbing another pack because they are SO stinking cute. Lesson learned! Thankfully, the lines are so simple I created this template for us to share. Just click on the photo, save, and print away!

Bunny Faces

Cut your bunnies out and punch holes on the sides of their sweet little heads.

Once you have your bunnies and your pom-poms you’re ready to start stringing them together. Thread the long piece of white yarn through the plastic yarn needle. Start by threading a brown kraft bunny and then thread through the center of the pom-pom.

Pom-pom Bunny Garland

Continue with the pattern of brown kraft, pom-pom, gray, pom-pom, white, pom-pom, brown kraft…..

Once you’ve finished stringing your Pom-pom Bunny Garland pieces together you’re ready to hang!

Easter Home Decor

 Isn’t this garland darling!?! I love the colors! It goes perfectly with my oversized Easter eggs and my Bunny Platter!