Cotton Ball Ghosts

I can’t believe that we are fully in October! Wasn’t it just summer!?! I feel so bad usually I am way on top of anything festive but I just put up my fall décor a two weeks ago and now it’s time to add the Halloween stuff! Where’s the pause button!?! I need a free month to get caught up on everything I want to do. Even though I feel like October snuck up on me I’ve got to pull it together and make it fun for my Halloween loving boys!

Cotton Ball Ghost

Last year I came up with this Cotton Ball Ghost and it was such a hit with Ash! I even  went to his classroom and made these with his class. They all loved their spooky ghosts. This year Kell made his own Cotton Ball Ghost! I love getting to make things with both Ash and Kell. It reminds me of the days when Gray and Ash used to make things together…sigh.


cotton ball ghost supplies


  • black construction paper with a ghost outline {download my template here}
  • white crayon
  • cotton balls
  • white glue in a small dish
  • paint brush

pulling apart cotton balls

Lightly pinch and pull the cotton balls to make them billowy.

cotton balls pulled apart for halloween kids craft

A light touch is needed, if they pull too hard the cotton will just rip apart.

paint white glue on with a paint brush

Paint the glue all over the body of the ghost.

gluing cotton balls onto ghost outline

Apply the cotton on the glue filling up the body of the ghost.

finished cotton ball ghost halloween craft for preschoolers

Now this spooky cotton ball ghost is ready to hang to enjoy for the Halloween season!

Cotton Ball Ghosts Collage


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