Family Room Built-In Cabinets

We love that our house has this great basement family room with lots of space for our three growing boys. Unfortunately, it lacked places to hide away all of the stuff that comes with three growing boys so we decided to DIY an AUH-MAZING storage solution.


We lucked out and had this wall with a one car garage on the other side. A garage that we want to turn into a bedroom eventually so eating up a little bit space for a lot of storage made perfect sense.

We started by building huge boxes out of MDF down in the shop. Once the boxes were built Micah smashed through the old wall and framed in the new space for the MDF cabinet boxes we built.

Carrying these boxes from the shop up to the basement was a big job for my little muscles. Poor Micah kept having to stop and let me readjust my grip. Moments like these make us miss our old neighborhood where we had plenty of neighbors who could help.

Once the boxes were in place we were ready for shelves. We personally love the clear Sterolite plastic bins. We buy ours at Home Depot and use them everywhere! You can see what’s in them & if the boys break them it’s not the end of the world. Before we started building the shelves we measured the biggest plastic bin and built the two bottom shelves tall enough to house them.

With shelving in it was time to paint! After a coat of primer and three coats of matte white the inside of the cabinets were ready to be organized!

I went through all of the toys and sorted them accordingly. Arranged all of our tubs, books, and games on the shelves and that’s how it sat for months. Life for our family and work for Micah just got super busy. There was no time for doors.

After feeling extra crazy for what seemed like forever Micah and I wanted to finish off the family room built-in cabinets to give ourselves a sense of accomplishment and sanity. We decided on a three panel style door.

To create these doors you need 1/2″ MDF  for the doors themselves and 1/4″ MDF for the panel detail.

We ripped down the 1/2″ sheets to the cabinet door dimensions.

Next we cut strips of 1/4″ MDF to crate the panel look.

2 strips the length of the door and then 2 strips to lay horizontally to create the three panels.

We attached the 14″ MDF to the doors with tiny nails.

Micah decided to spray all the doors since there were so many and we wanted a smooth finish. After 1 coat of primer; two coats of matte pure white paint by Behr and some dry time they were ready to hang.

We added a “dummy” door at the end to complete the wall and I’m SO glad we did! Who knew a wall of doors would make my heart swoon so much!

I loved the doors so much I really wanted something special for the pulls. I found these gorg pulls that were only $40 a piece….only. If you don’t know me well you might think I was being serious but I don’t EVER see myself spending that kind of cash per pull!

My brilliant husband came up with the idea of using angle iron for the pulls. I told him to tell me more….

He did even better and made me a sample. I seriously drooled a bit when I saw it! Oh blackened metal how you make me swoon!

I gave him the go ahead and within a blink of the eye we had our pulls. I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t stop to just stare at them but there is one problem…. these beauties just upped our basement game by a lot. As in everything else looks like crap next to them, but I keep telling myself that it takes time. It makes me feel better when I walk down there to tell the family room that I’m coming for it. Yes, I’m all that kinds of crazy.


The Clean Car Bag

I get so tired of the car, clothes, water bottles, shoes, etc. so I made a fun & sassy clean car bag. We don't exit the car without making sure all the extra stuff gets put in the bag & put aways inside.

I got caught ridin’ dirty, ok so not in the rapper kind of way but the suburban mother of three kind of way. I was meeting some friends at Starbucks and we were going to carpool to another friend’s house for a fun girl’s night. As mamas arrived I could tell no one wanted to volunteer to drive. I knew we were all hoping that the last lady to arrive would be driving her husband’s car so she would offer to drive. Not because any of us minded driving but because all of our cars were a mess. (All of our husband’s cars are clean because there aren’t any messy kiddos riding around in there.) Unfortunately, for all of us she didn’t arrive with a clean husband car so I offered to drive and made everyone promise not to judge how messy my car was. I hate that feeling….here I’ll take that Lego, five hoodies, single shoe, etc. I needed a clean car bag!


canvas bag

gold glitter & black heat transfer vinyl *I got mine from Expressions Vinyl

craft cutter (I used the Cricut Explore) or scissors

I wanted my clean car bag to be sassy and fun so I came up with this Can’t Catch Me Ridin’ Dirty design in Cricut’s Design Space. If anything could make me smile while cleaning out the car this surely could!

Time to cut out the design. *Make sure to click mirror image when cutting your heat transfer vinyl!

Take all the excess vinyl out the centers of letters, etc. of your design. *This is called weeding.

Iron on the glittery gold ride first.

Next, space the wording above and below the car. Iron on those as well.

Now your bag is ready to roll!

After each car trip pass the bag around and have everyone toss in their stuff. I don’t let anyone exit the car until they have put their all of their junk inside. Once they exit the car I know it’s too much of a battle to get everything out.

On this trip I collected, a snack bowl, two hoodies, a shoe (yes, just one), a pair of socks, a lego guy, two toy airplanes, an empty water bottle, and some tissue paper.

We bring the bag inside and put the stuff away. The empty clean car bag gets tossed on top of my purse to be taken back out to the car the next day. Do you have a clean car bag? If you don’t you should make one! What fun & sassy thing will yours say?