Car Wall Art

Car Wall Art {Dolen Diaries}

The Dolens dig unusual artwork. We love having pieces that you aren’t going to find in the neighbor’s house and have a great story. This Car Wall Art is one of those pieces.

In 2010 a dear friend had a Soapbox Derby Race for his birthday party. It was SO much fun and the car building was really competitive. Micah made our car look like a vintage 2002 BMW {not the year 2002, the car model 2002} and we all loved it.  So much work went into this and after the race we weren’t sure what to do with it. We didn’t want to store the huge car but we also couldn’t stand the thought of getting rid of it. After a little brainstorming we decided to cut the profile out and make it into art.

So Micah measured 2.5″ front the edge all along one side of the car and he starting cutting.

Using a jig saw he cut all the way from the front to the back of the car.

And an amazing piece of car wall art was born!

The finishing touch was add a couple of the tires from the soapbox car. I know not everyone has a soapbox car hanging out in their garage to make car wall art out of but I hope this inspires you to look for unusual pieces that you can turn into art in your home!

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Wooden Beverage Gift Tag

Wooden Beverage Gift Tags

I love it when I can use the scraps for projects! It’s like getting a project for free and who doesn’t love a free project!?! I have a few events coming up that I’ll want to take something bubbly for both the adults and the kids. I wanted to make some wooden beverage gift tags to dress them up a bit!

The boys were all happily playing so Micah and I slipped out for a little garage date to make some beverage gift tags! We popped into the shed and I found this little scrap goldmine! There were several pieces of 1 x 2 in the bucket that were perfect!

I wanted the tags to be 3″ long so I measure and marked them all for cutting. Since we were making them I figured it would be smart to just cut a whole bunch all at once.

A few cuts with the chop saw and I had my pile of blocks ready to have holes drilled in them.

Using a quarter inch drill bit, Micah drilled a hole through the side of the tag.

After the holes were all made, I set to sanding all the blocks. I actually really like sanding, there is something so gratifying about it! Once the blocks were cut and sanded they were ready to be finished!

To finish your tags you’ll need:

  • painted wooden tag {we used antique white spray paint}
  • paint pen
  • twine
  • scissors

Using a paint pen write a sentiment like Enjoy, Celebrate, Cheers, Congratulations, or maybe even just a heart.

Tie the wooden beverage gift tag to the bottle neck and you have a sweet gift perfect for your favorite hostess or really anyone!

Ok is this totally tacky….{you can be honest} but you could totally reuse these wooden beverage gift tags, too.

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