Buffalo Check Plaid Paper Craft

I’m drooling over all the Buffalo Check Plaid that’s happening this season! You can wear it, decorate with it, and now craft with your kids with it!

Buffalo Check Plaid Paper Craft Title

I’m thrilled with how these darling Buffalo Check Plaid Crests turned out! It was such a fun kid’s craft to do with my boys and I know your kiddos will love it, too!


  • 2 sheets of red construction paper
  • 1 sheet of black construction paper
  • black marker
  • ruler
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • white cardstock
  • printer
  • Cricut

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Draw straight black lines diagonally across red paper

Take 1 of the sheets of red construction paper and draw straight lines across the page diagonally with a black marker. You could free hand this but I need a ruler to try to draw anything straight and even then it can end up a bit wonky.

my favorite paper cutter

Cut all three sheets of construction paper into strips. I recommend this paper cutter. It’s not expensive and I use it ALL the TIME!

Buffalo Check Squares

Now cut the strips into 1″ cubes.

Print out this free design your own coat of arms

I was going to draw my own crest shape but then a little google action lead me to this free Design Your Own Coat of Arms template. Why recreate the wheel when I don’t have to!?! I quick printed this out on white cardstock. *Click here to see what kind of printer we have.

Buffalo Check Plaid Crest Template

Flipped it over and traced the outline of the crest on the back.

Buffalo Check patterning

Flip it back over and your kiddos are ready to start their patterning fun! I recommend starting a little lower like this to get a good straight start. Black, red stripes, black, red stripes, etc..

Buffalo Check Patterning Row 2

The next row is red stripes, red, red stripes, red, etc…

Kid's Patterning Activity

Keep going with this alternating pattern until the crest is filled up. Don’t worry about covering up the outline because when it’s time to cut we’ll just flip the paper over and cut on the outline we traced on the back.

white animal shilouettes

Cut out the crest and now it’s time for some animal fun!! The kids love it when I use my Cricut to cut out things for them so I let them each pick out an animal to cut. They chose a bear, moose, and deer. In a few bats of an eyelash these adorable white cardstock animals were ready for glue! *If you are interested in getting your own Cricut click here! They have some great deals going on right now!

Buffalo Check Plaid Bear Kid's Craft

A little dab of the glue stick and oh my cuteness!!! Isn’t thisBuffalo Check Plaid Paper Craft just darling!?!

Buffalo Check Plaid Crest with Deer Head Kid's Craft

Oh deer!

Buffalo Check Plaid Moose Head Kid's Craft

Isn’t is MOOSE-VELOUS!?! Ok that was a stretch but still so fun!

Buffalo Check Plaid paper craft Collage

Here’s where ours are being displayed…they make my calendar SO happy!

Christmas Calendar Art

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Room on the Broom Activities

I love children’s books, especially when I get to share them with my boys! We’ve been reading our favorite Halloween books this month and one of our faves is Room on the Broom. I couldn’t help but extend the fun with some Room on the Broom Activities!

Room on the Broom Play

Kell’s been really into the whole witch thing this year. He even wanted to be one for Halloween, but Daddy encouraged him to be something else. I thought it would be fun to make him a broom that he could ride with his favorite fuzzy friends.

Masking Tape Broom on Carpet

I created a broom with masking tape on the rug in Kell’s room.

Room on the Broom Stuffie Play

He then picked up friends for a fun filled broom ride! I love seeing his imagination take off!

Room on the Broom Reading Fun

After a while Kell read the story his own way to them.

Room on the Broom Activities

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