Frankenstein Graham Cracker Treat

My middle son, Ash, adores Halloween! Each fall we spend hours walking through the Halloween isles of all of favorite stores looking at each and every spooky item on display. It’s still September and I don’t start decorating for Halloween until Oct. 1st but my little pumpkin head has been begging for anything Halloween for weeks.

Frankenstein Graham Cracker Treats Kids Activity

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My sweet friend, Katie, of Made to Be A Momma sent me a copy of her Kids’ Treats book to review and when Ash found the Halloween section it was game over. We HAD to try a Halloween treat first!

Frankenstein Treat Supplies

To make your own Frankenstein Graham Cracker Treats with your kiddos here’s what you’ll need:


chocolate graham cracker

Divide the chocolate graham cracker in 1/2. *For a clean edge I like to use a serrated knife and carefully saw the cracker in half.

green sparkle gel on the graham cracker

Ash drew a square with the icing leaving a small margin around the edges.

spread sparkle gel on a graham cracker for a sweet treat

Then he filled in the square with more icing and smoothed it out with a cheese spreading knife. (Cheese spreaders are the perfect size for little hands to control.)

Now Frank is ready for a face…

frankenstein chocolate graham cracker

Start with two eyes

Halloween Kid's Treat

Then use the chocolate sprinkles for hair and the final touch is a single chocolate sprinkle for the mouth. Sorry, Frank but you’re too cute to be scary!

Ash wants to make the Monster Marshmallows next and Kell has his eye on the Polar Bear Oreos. I know I’ll be making the Pilgrim Hats around Thanksgiving but really we want to make them all! I love that everything is simple enough for the boys to help and get the results they see in the book. Nothing is more disappointing that not being able to recreate what you see in a cookbook!



Get your copy of Kids’ Treats by Katie Wyllie from Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. It would be such a fun gift for a girlfriend!!

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