Easy Back To School Teacher Gift

Teachers work SO hard prepping for a fabulous school year! I love to give my boys’ teachers just a little something to say thank you for all your hard work and that we’re looking forward to an amazing year!

Back To School Inexpensive and Easy Teacher Gift Box Ideas

As a mama of three it’s an expensive time of year for us and I’m sure it’s an expensive time of year for you, too! You don’t have to break bank to show them lots of support!

No. 2 pencil milk cartons from Target

I found these adorable pencil milk boxes in the one spot at my Target. They come in packs of 2 and are the perfect size for a little back to school gift.

Back To School Apple Treat Gift

I used to spend LONG hours in my classroom especially at the beginning of the year. Before you know it, it’s dinner time and you have nothing. So how about a classic apple with some almond butter and a mini caramel dipping sauce!?! I found these adorable little almond butter pouches at Target in original, vanilla, and maple flavors.

back to school breakfast gift

A couple of granola and breakfast bars along with a coffee card would be a perfect snack pack!

Teacher Breakfast Gift

I may have forgotten my breakfast a time or two back when I was teaching so one of my fave things to give a teacher is an emergency breakfast pack. A breakfast bar pack, an apple, and some almond butter makes the perfect in classroom breakfast.

Teacher Chocolate Gift

Everyone loves chocolate, right!?! My teammates and I would keep chocolate stashes in our rooms so whenever we had a team meeting after a long day we would have a little sweet pick-me up!

Teacher Treat Box

Keep your teacher prepared….messes happen in classroom so Shout Wipes are a desk must have! Throw in some mints, a couple of mini bags of almonds, a Kind bar, and some chocolates for snack emergencies.

Teacher School Supply Gift

Not sure what kind of snacks your teacher will dig? Teachers love office supplies especially cute ones! Grab a variety of sticky notes in all sizes and fun colors, toss in some fun washi tape…

Teacher Photo Line Kit Gift

Cut some bakers twine and add some cute clothes pins for a photo line for their personal bulletin boards and you have a sweet little welcome back gift! I hope one of these Easy Back To School Teacher Gift Ideas is the perfect little something for your teacher! her






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