Bee Kid’s Craft

We recently discovered a HUGE wasps nest. Ugh! Those guys are nasty!!! Mr. Dolen knocked it down with a football since it was so high up a pine tree. We thought the wasps would move on but they seem to be trying to rebuild their home. The boys are obsessed with watching the them!! The teacher in me couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a little learning & get a little crafty! They decided that they didn’t actually want to learn more about wasps but wanted to know about bees since the bees are the ones that make honey and seem nicer. {Don’t you love how kids think!?!} So after a trip to library to pick up a bee book we made this Bee Kid’s Craft!

This Bee Kid's Craft couldn't be cuter! This is perfect for preschoolers - early elementary school.

Supplies: *I’ve included some affiliate links for your convenience to find the products or something similar to what I’ve used. Using these links does not cost you anything extra.

bee kids paper craft

Trace the round body template on a piece of construction paper.

bee body

Cut the body out.

bee stripes

Draw lines with a ruler across the body leaving an extra large gap at the top for the head.

sharpie on wax paper

Trace wing template twice on wax paper with a Sharpie.

draw veins on wings

Add the vein pattern with a Sharpie then…

wax paper bee wings

Cut out the wings and a small triangle for the stinger out of black construction paper.

painting bee stripes

Painting stripes can be a little confusing for littles so I mark them with a dab of black tempera paint .

painted bee stripes

Fill in the lines in with black tempera paint .

bee stinger

While the paint is still wet you can press the wings and stinger on. The wet paint will act as a glue as it dries.

bumble bee paper kid's craft1

Glue the beans on for eyes.

bee kid's craft

Add little swirls with a Sharpie for antenna! Isn’t he cute!?! Don’t forget to check out the other kid’s crafts!


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