Reclaimed Wood Wall Art

I love making unique {& cheap} art pieces for my house, especially ones with reclaimed wood. A few months ago a stack of amazing crusty old fence boards found their way onto my front porch. It was like Christmas!!! All on their own they had the most fabulous color and personality so I decided to keep it simple and just add a little pop of pattern. My Reclaimed Wood Wall Art gets so many compliments and it’s crazy easy to make. Like anyone can make this themselves….for reals!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After}


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Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After} I found this phone cover stencil {Phone Vinyl 08} in the Cricut Design Space™ and loved the pattern but it was much too small. So I enlarged it to match the width of my board. I know not everyone has a Cricut (although if you love to make stuff you should because now there is a totally reasonably priced option as in $199.00 for a Cricut Explore One™  plus if you use the code MAYSHIP you’ll get free shipping on all Cricut orders if placed before the end of May 2015) to make their own custom stencil but you could easily make a pattern with painters tape. In fact, black & white stripes would be quite striking!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After} I cut the stencil out of thick cardstock and was ready to paint! I varied the amount of white acrylic paint loaded on my stencil brush to give the design a more distressed look throughout.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After} Don’t you just love the pattern of the stencil combined with character of the distressed wood!?!

Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After} When we moved into our new fixer upper, one of the things I adored about it was all of the natural light but the french door needed a little something. My Reclaimed Wood Wall Art was the perfect piece to add a little pop of me above the door without losing any of the natural light I’m so crazy about! Reclaimed Wood Wall Art {Dolen Diaries for My Craftily Ever After}

Where will you hang your Reclaimed Wood Wall Art?


  1. JaneEllen says

    Only wish I could afford a Cricut, especially the Cricut Air, teal colored designed in conjunction with Cricut and LiaGriffith. There is special software she designed to make some awesome projects but it’s almost $200 or more which on my SS budget is just not doable. Ah well, maybe someday. Don’t you have to buy several accessories to be able to use it?
    Love your stencil and how the board looks above your French doors. We had French doors on our house in KY. When son was rehabbing house he asked if I’d rather have sliding or French doors, no hesitation on my part, French doors. The doors let out onto our back deck. He did such an awesome job fixing that house up for us, rebuilt the front porch to go out further and be wider on house, how I loved that house. Due to my health we had to move back west after 5 yrs. asthma/allergies/arthritis. Boy won’t find a house/property here in western CO for what we paid ($55,000) for KY house with 1 1/2 acres. Was out in country off state highway but far enuf off road. Still miss that house.
    Love your blog and your board, the white paint with rugged board gives great texture and look. Happy week

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