Cupcake Liner Flowers with Chocolate Candy Centers

Cupcake Liner Flowers with Chocolate Candy Centers perfect for Teacher Appreciation or even a sweet Mother's Day Gift! {Dolen Diaries}

Teacher Appreciation Week is such a special week not just for teachers but for the kids, too! I taught kindergarten for 10 years before staying home with my boys and one of the most cherished memories of teacher appreciation weeks gone by isn’t the great gifts it was the little faces as they would eagerly present their gift to me. It made they all felt so proud and excited to show me how much I meant to them. I want my boys to experience the joy of giving to someone so important in their lives! Ash’s teacher LOVES flowers and chocolate so we decided we would make her some Cupcake Liner Flowers with Chocolate Candy Centers.


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For each flower cut two cupcake paper flowers. *To make leaves cut the petals of a flower apart.

Start with a green craft stick.

Add a dab of hot glue.

Place the first flower shape pattern side down.

To protect little fingers from getting burned, have them use a skewer to press the cupcake liner into the glue.

Add a dab of glue in the center of the flower shape.

Layer the second flower shape on top of the first, pattern side up.

Glue a White Mini Cupcake Liner in the center of the flower.

Add a big glob of hot glue to hold the chocolate candy.

Press the chocolate candy into the pool of hot glue and hold until the glue has a chance to cool.

Flip over the flower.

Glue leaves to the back of the green craft stick.

These adorable cupcake liner flowers with chocolate candy centers would be perfect to hand out just like this.

Use some floral foam and a Berry Basket to hold the cupcake liner flower bouquet.

Hot glue the Floral Foam to the bottom of the Berry Basket.

Press the stems into the Floral Foam.

Arrange the cupcake liner flowers with chocolate candy centers in the Berry Basket.

Top the Floral Foam with Paper Shred. These lovely Cupcake Liner Flowers with Chocolate Candy Centers only take a few minutes make and your child will proudly bring them to their teacher this Teacher Appreciation Week!

Cupcake Liner Flowers with Chocolate Candy Centers {Dolen Diaries}

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