Kid Friendly Bathroom Storage Labels

Kid Friendly Bathroom Storage {Dolen Diaries}

I have spent many hours drooling over all of the beautiful bathroom storage on so many lovely blogs. While they were gorgeous they were expensive and I would be so uptight that my boys would ruin my catalog moment. Which is rather silly because it’s bathroom storage. The kids hands are most likely going to be filthy when they are in need of a bandage or really anything in there. My boys love to play outside and it’s dirty out there! Haha! SoI put my catalog moment aside and created incredibly inexpensive and highly functional Kid Friendly Bathroom Storage.

I divided all of our bathroom supplies into categories that would fit into plastic shoe box size Storage Boxes.  Honestly, I knew it would be a disaster to have too much in a larger basket. I didn’t want the kids to have to rifle through larger baskets to find what they needed, stuff would be everywhere!

With all of my boxes ready, I needed to label them!

Supplies for Kid Friendly Labels:

*These are affiliate links to make both it easy for you to find the products {or something similar} that I used and help me pay for the costs associated with running Dolen Diaries. They do not cost you anything extra to use these links.

Check your business card makers website and they should have a template for you. It’s SO easy you simply choose your font {I chose Janda Elegant}, type, and print!

Pop the perforated cards out and then place them inside of the Laminating Pouches 

Make sure you space the cards out so there is plenty of room around the cards for the plastic to seal them.

Carefully, load the Laminating Pouches   into the Laminator.

I used to laminate all of my labels in my classroom to protect them from little hands and I’m a little disappointed that it took me so long to come up with this idea at home!

Now my labels are totally wipe able!

Use strong, sharp Scissors to cut the cards apart grab some Mounting Tape and you’re ready to start adhering your labels!

Simply cut the Mounting Tape, peel the backing off, and center on the container.

Peel off the front sticker and press the label onto the Mounting Tape.

The kids mostly get into the tub with the bandages and it’s held up great! A few dirty fingerprints were no problem now that I have these lovely laminated labels!

Looking for more kid {especially boy} friendly organizing ideas!?! You have to check these out….






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