St. Patrick’s Day Paper Straw Gift

I love having an assortment of little gifts that I can give to my friends or kid’s teachers just to say thanks for being so awesome! They need to be inexpensive, quick, easy, useful, and fun! I’d say some paper party straws are all of those things especially when they come in rainbow sets to make the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Paper Straw Gift!

St. Patrick's Day Paper Straw Gift {Dolen Diaries}

You’ll only need a couple of things:

I saw these Rainbow Color Multi Design Straws I was a little sad I hadn’t ordered them! I mean mix of colors and designs you can’t get much more fun than that!

Paper Straw Gift {Dolen Diaries}

After I had the straws in the bag in rainbow order {only with a twist…instead of red I used pink!} I wrapped the gold Glitter Tape around the pack of straws.

St. Patrick's Day Gift {Dolen Diaries}

Then I using Double Sided Tape I attached the pot to the front of the straw pack on top of the Glitter Tape.

Gold Glitter Tape {Dolen Diaries}

I smoothed the Glitter Tape with some scissors to look like gold when stuck on top of the pot.

St. Patrick's Day Paper Straw Gift: just a little something to let your friends & teachers know how awesome you think they are! {Dolen Diaries}

Now you have some options here…you could write a little message like “You’re the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!” or “I’m so lucky to have you as my friend or teacher!” or you could simply have your kiddo sign their name in gold pen on the black pot like I am planning on doing. I actually love just the plain pot of gold with the straws, it keeps the focus on the fun straws and the glitter! {My loves!} Wouldn’t you adore getting a St. Patrick’s Day Paper Straw Gift like this!?! I know I would!

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