A Real Life Page Out of the Dolen Diaries

Have you browsed Pinterest in the past three months? Have you drooled over the beautiful home tours of your favorite bloggers? Between the perfect burlap-wheat-mum-and-pumpkin Fall Tours and the rustic-modern-and-vintage-all-at-once Christmas Home Tours, do you ever wonder how these ladies get it all done? Do you ever wonder what the behind-the-scenes-not-so-picture-perfect homes look like? And … what do these creative bloggers do all day, exactly??

Well, I’ve teamed up with eight other bloggers to give you a behind the scenes look at our REAL homes and lives. The day-to-day happenings, and the less-than-magazine-worthy-pictures. We’re busy … far, far from perfect, and wear many hats (just like most moms). So, grab your coffee, wine, or other beverage of choice, and join us for our ‘Real Life’ home tours (and feel good about your own home at the same time).

Today I’m showing you A Real Life Page Out of the Dolen Diaries…

A day in the life home tour {Dolen Diaries}

Welcome to our home!

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

Watch out for the cars there…there is almost always something to trip on in our entry {boots, shoes, backpacks, coats, and yes even toys!}. It’s a daily reminder that I need to work on creating a mini mud-room in our entry closet.

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

If you were coming over in the evening this is what you would see. I try to do a quick pick up every evening before bed. I don’t like all of us getting up to a big mess. I did say TRY…sometimes it’s been a long day and I just need to go to bed. If you follow me on Instagram you saw a good example of that this week.

Real Life House Tour {Dolen Diaries}

During the day our living room is flooded with natural light and I absolutely adore it! I just got these white couches a couple of weeks ago from Ikea and I’m in LOVE!

Real Life House Tour {Dolen Diaries}

One of the boys left a blanket off his bed on this one today. I will throw this down at the bottom of the stairs for them to put it into their room later. Classy, right!?!

Real Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

I keep this market basket in our living room to throw the toys I find around the house throughout the week.

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

We still haven’t properly handled our TV cords. It’s SO ugly and drives me crazy but we’ll get there.

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

Our coffee table always has a lot going on.

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

My boys have sock issues…they take them off everywhere! Seriously, I started charging my oldest $3.00 a sock because his sock habit was so bad. I couldn’t turn around without coming across one of his dirty socks. Eww! Eww! Kell apparently felt like his socks needed to be on our hutch. I had to chuckle when I saw this…I mean who does that!?! Oh my boys!

We live life at this messy table {Dolen Diaries}

Our table usually has a mess on it and I am constantly cleaning it. We live life here! On this day the boys had just had snack and were working on their homework. Kell always wanting to be in the mix was playing “guys” but was way too distracting for Ash so Gray took him downstairs to play. He’s such a good big brother!

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

This piece of furniture ends up being kind of a catch all…I like to have baby wipes close by when I’m doing crafts with Ash & Kell. The doll was left by a friend’s daughter and is waiting for her owner to come get her. Gray is in a student leadership class at church. Part of the class is verse memorization so I write his weekly verse on our chalkboard so we can all practice it. It’s been the most awesome thing for me, too! Those domed thingys are still empty but I like them even without anything in them….we’re still settling in remember!?! How long can I use that excuse?

Everyday Messy Kitchen {Dolen Diaries}

This is one area that I wish was perfectly clean…I always have stuff on the counters and a paint brush or two by the sink. Doesn’t everyone!?!

Our hallway typically is pretty clear but sometimes a boy needs to dump his Nerf bow in the hall to use the bathroom.

Speaking of our bathroom…I keep it pretty clean but one of Ash & Kell’s favorite things to do is play in the sinks. It makes a pretty big mess but they love it!!

Real Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

Kell loves his books and his Paw Patrol stuffies right now.

Real House Tour {Dolen Diaries}

The master is pretty small but I actually like the size {but I do wish it had a master bathroom}. It feels sweet and cozy. I make my bed most mornings but I always have a basket or two of dirty laundry hanging out in there. You can see laundry poking out here and there…

Real Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

I painted Micah’s dresser and my bedside table with chalk paint but I still need to find the perfect drawer pulls. I know I’ll find them!

Real Life Home Tour {Dolen Diaries}

The playroom is an organizing disaster! I can’t wait to get a handle on it!

Real House Tour {Dolen Diaries}

It also needs some prettying up! Or I guess since I have boys, cooling up. It needs to be a cool/fun place to hangout for not just our kids but for our whole family.

So there is a Real Life Page out of the Dolen Diaries…I hope you enjoyed your peek into our everyday home. And if you’re dying for more behind-the-scenes … pop on over to visit these ladies and see what kind of chaos (or lack there of) is happening around their homes:

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  1. says

    Ha!!!! The sock thing made me laugh out loud. All my boys (husband included) see to have a sock stripping problem, too! Seriously … I could probably fill an entire load of laundry each week with just socks that i find laying around the house. Oh … and yes, I also always have paint brushes by the sink drying!! :-) Thanks so much for participating! Loved reading your tour!
    Katie recently posted…Cook it! Craft it! Share it! #37My Profile

  2. says

    All I have to say is God bless you with glass pane cabinets!! We almost got glass doors in our new built in and then I was like WHAT AM I THINKING! I need to hide that mess back there..not show it off! Yours look amazing. I’d never be able to keep my dishes so uniform. I’d have a Princess cup and an Cookie Monster bowl peaking out half the time. ha

  3. says

    Yes, everyone has stuff (often paint brushes) by their sink – it’s practically the law!
    My 15 year old still takes his socks off as soon as he gets in from school! No idea why, I find them all over the place – on the computer desk, under the sofa, in his pockets, on the stairs (actually with this one I think they are trying to make their own way to the wash basket!)
    Thanks for the behind the scenes look.
    Julie recently posted…Crochet House CardMy Profile


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