Mini Love Bunting Valentines

Mini LOVE Valentine Buntings a perfect Valentine for your girlfriends! {Dolen Diaries}

I’ve always loved Valentines Day. As a child, it was SO exciting picking out the perfect little card set to hand out to all of my classmates.  Now as a mom it is fun to help my boys get their Valentines together. This year I wanted to get in on the fun, too! I wanted to give my friends a little something special just to say how near and dear they are to my heart so I decided to hand out Mini Love Bunting Valentines.  They are SO easy to make and who wouldn’t love to get one of these!?!

Mini LOVE Valentine Bunting Supplies {Dolen Diaries}

You’ll need:

White Cardstock; Scissors or a Paper Cutter; L, O, V, E Stamps; Black Stamp Pad; Vintage Photo Distressing Ink; Kraft Paper or Scratch Paper to protect your table; Stencil Brush; Black Felt Pen; Mini Hole Punch; Twine; Clear Plastic Bags; Stickers or Labels

Cut the white cardstock into 2″ wide strips then cut the strips into 2″ x 1.5″ rectangles.

Using a mini hole punch, punch two holes in the center-ish at the top of each card.

To keep organized, put together sets of 4.

Roll out some kraft paper to protect your table. Grab the distressing ink and a stenciling brush.

Swoosh the brush around on the ink pad and then swoosh it in circular motions around the edges of the card.

Mini LOVE Valentine Bunting {Dolen Diaries}

Now you’re ready to stamp! L-O-V-E, dontcha just love it!?! {Sorry I couldn’t help myself!}

LOVE bunting {Dolen Diaries}

To add a little playing card flair, write each letter in the bottom right corner.

Love Bunting {Dolen Diaries}

Flip them all upside down and write each letter in the upper left corner.

LOVE Bunting {Dolen Diaries}

Cut the twine about 12 inches long and string it through the holes of each of the cards.

Mini LOVE Bunting {Dolen Diaries}

Are you already thinking of who you can give these to!?! Wouldn’t they look cute on the corner or a chalkboard or frame!?!

Mini LOVE Bunting Valentines {Dolen Diaries}

To make them a little gift you’ll need to wrap them! I got these adorable little labels in the Target Dollar Spot and the clear plastic bags at Michael’s for just a couple of bucks.

Mini LOVE Bunting Valentines {Dolen Diaries}

Fold up the mini buntings and seal them with a kiss and a sticker! I always sign things Lots of Love with a little heart. How do you sign things?

Mini LOVE Bunting Valentine {Dolen Diaries}

Oh how I love them!!

Mini LOVE Bunting Valentines {Dolen Diaries}

I gave them to all the girls in my Bible Study on the first day of our winter study because I just couldn’t wait until Feb. {We are doing Priscilla Shirer’s Gideon study just incase you were wondering!} I figured everyone might like to display their buntings before actual Valentine’s Day anyways. My girlfriend, Kate, is leading the study and when I told her I was giving everyone a Mini Love Bunting Valentine she brought these adorable mini clothes pins to clip the buntings to the fronts of the book that everyone would be getting that day. It made our first day back to Bible study extra special!

60 DIY Valentine Ideas {Dolen Diaries}

Now for some more inspiration for Valentines to hand out this year!?! Pop around and check out all of the fabulously festive ideas!



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