Space Needle 12th Man Skittles Candy Jar

Space Needle 12th Man Skittles Candy Jar  {Dolen Diaries}

We are from the Seattle-ish area so of course we are Seahawks fans! When you think of Seahawks you think of skittles, right!?! After all they are the power pellets that fuel Marshawn Lynch through his famous Beast Mode. Last year right before the Super Bowl it was almost impossible to find a bag of Skittles so I figured every Hawks fan needed a Space Needle 12th Man Skittles Candy Jar to store their power pellets in.


glass jar seal-tight-lid

lime green vinyl

dark blue vinyl

craft cutter {I used my Cricut Explore} or scissors

What better way to represent the fans of Seattle than with the Space Needle!?! I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the Design Space to find that they already had a Space Needle image in their library. I first cut out the background of the Space Needle and the number 2 in lime green.

Next, I cut the more detailed version of the Space Needle and a smaller 2 in dark blue. I layered the more detailed image over the background and I have to say I love how it looks! I repeated the same process with the 2’s.

Since the 2 was bigger I wanted to place that first on the jar.

Once I had the 2 where I liked it, I added the Space Needle which is representing the 1 in the number 12.

Add some Skittles and you’re ready for game day! Pretty easy, huh!?! I can’t wait to give a Space Needle 12th Man Skittles Candy Jar to some of my favorite Seahawks fans for Christmas this year!




  1. JaneEllen says

    What a great and novel idea for gifts for people. Smart and easy to put together. Luckily you have your Cricut Explore you out. I’d love to have one of those but not in my budget, guess scissors will have to do for long time yet. You sure are able to make awesome things on yours.
    Happy weekend and season


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