Pottery Barn Inpsired Spider Web Flameless Pillar Candles


I like most everyone I know, love the Pottery Barn catalog! In my dream world every time the catalog arrived I would be able to sit down with a cup of coffee and immediately pour over every page, but like most mamas I don’t have that kind of luxury time. Instead, I sneak in peeks while I’m waiting for Ash at the bus stop or while waiting for spelling words to be copied. It’s a small thing that makes me happy until I look at the price tags!  I’m not a big fan of spending a lot on Halloween decorations. I just can’t justify spending a lot on something that will only be up for a month at best. For example, I loved PB’s Spider Wax Flameless Pillars but at the price tag of $59 for a 6×10 candle there was no way! I decided to create my own Pottery Barn Inspired Spider Web Flameless Pillar Candles for a fraction of the price!

This is what you’ll need:

Flameless 3×8 Pillar Candle {I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 & it’s vanilla scented}

Black Vinyl {You can get a whole roll for $14 so even if you have to purchase a new roll you’re still WAY under the PB budget! I had some vinyl in my stash so mine was free.}

Transfer Tape

Craft Cutting Machine {I used my Cricut Explore}

Spider Web Image {I used Teresa Collins Chic & Scary Web2}

Spider Image {I used Teresa Collins Chic & Scary Spider}

First arrange your spider web & spider in your cutting machine program, once you are happy with your design cut your vinyl. {*Don’t forget if you are using your Cricut to click on attach to have your web & spider cut on the same mat.} Click here to see what I did with those bats!

Remove the excess vinyl and you’ll be left with your spider web & spider images. {My measure 2.45 x 4.03″}

Cut your transfer tape, peel off the back, and apply it over the black vinyl.

Peel up the transfer tape and the black vinyl image.

Press it onto the flameless pillar candle, making sure all of the vinyl is attaching to the candle.

Peel off the transfer tape and you have the perfect PB knockoff! I love my Pottery Barn Inspired Spider Web Flameless Pillar Candles and love the price tag even more!




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