DIY Glittered Word Art

Can you believe a month has already flown by since I shared my last Cricut Design Space Star Challenge!?! I seriously, can’t! It seems like just a couple of days ago that I shared my Batty Halloween Table DécorI’ve had SO much fun creating some Halloween projects with my Cricut Explore. Like my Decorative Halloween Plates and PB Inspired Spider Web Flameless Pillars for example. You can see all my Halloween projects on my mini Halloween Home Tour.

This month the challenge was Holiday Home Décor, typically when I think holiday I think Christmas but I just couldn’t go there quite yet! So when my team chose GOLD as our theme I came up with some DIY Glittered Word Art perfect for Thanksgiving!

What do you do during Thanksgiving {or any holiday for that matter!}…you gather with your family and friends. I opened my Cricut Design Space and typed in the word “gather” using the Cursive 101 font.

I wanted my letters to be connected so I first made the word gather a little larger. Then I clicked on the Edit menu and reduced the letter spacing until the letters were adequately touching. Once they were all connected I resized gather.

To tell the Cricut that I wanted gather to cut as one cursively connected word, I needed to weld the letters together. A quick right click on the image and then a click on WELD and you’re good to go!


I had found this beautiful scrapbooking paper with quotes about love scrolled across it but it was just thin paper and after being cut on it’s own, it would be a bit floppy & flimsy. To give my paper a bit of backbone, I snagged this Costco sized Cheez-It box from the recycling and cut it down to fit my Strong Grip cutting mat. {I also changed out my blade for the Deep Cut Blade.}

I have to admit that I was NERVOUS! Would this bad boy really be able to handle this thick cardboard!?! Yes! It didn’t even seem like a challenge. All you have to do is set your dial to custom and then select Chipboard Heavy and you’re totally covered.

Looks good, huh!?!

Time to cut my pretty scrapbook paper {my Light Grip mat is perfect for this}!

I wanted to use my DIY Glittered Word Art as the centerpiece for a sweet little Thanksgiving garland and decided that leaves would be the perfect accent to flank my glittery gather! Being ever so careful not to change the size of the gather I added some leaves {called leaf and it’s FREE in the Design Space!}. To make these all cut on the same mat I had to select all and then right click, ATTACH and everything will cut on the same mat.

Now that I have all of my pieces, I was ready to glue the paper gather to the cardboard gather.

I didn’t want glue gone wrong so I started a letter at a time being ever so careful to line up the edges as perfectly as I possibly could.

Honestly, there were a few spots where I was off a touch, but my next step was going to make that all go away!

I used these AUH-MAZING mini little glitter glue tubes by Martha Stewart to draw a thin line of glue around the edges of the letters.

Then made it rain with the glitter! Oh how I L-O-V-E, love glitter! {I used Martha’s course glitter in Florentine Gold.}

Okay guys, I kind of love it and I couldn’t wait for it to dry!

I picked this gold cording up at Hobby Lobby in their Christmas ribbon section.

I had these adorable little dark brown clothes pins {most likely from Hobby Lobby as well} and clipped gather and the leaves on the gold cording.

This DIY Glittered Word Art garland will be one of garlands on the shelves above our TV room mantle this Thanksgiving! I’m thinking I need to make another fabulously glittery garland like this one for Christmas, too! What would yours say? There’s SO many options and I can’t decide! HELP!! {Ooooh, for Jan. I’m thinking Baby It’s Cold Outside with snowflakes! Whatcha think!?!}

I’d completely adore it, if you would share my DIY Glittered Word Art with your friends! So please pin & share on FB, Twitter, etc!

Have you heard that Cricut now has a print & cut feature!?! Wanna learn more click here!

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