Batty Halloween Table Decor

Disclaimer: This project was submitted as an entry in the Cricut Design Star challenge. In exchange for participating in this challenge, I received my Cricut Explore for free and I could also win a prize if my project is selected from the Cricut Judging Panel as a winner. This post also contains affiliate links.

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve holidays, my mom used to go all out for every holiday! Halloween at our house growing up included orange colored pancakes with chocolate chip jack-o-lantern faces and the whole gallon of milk dyed orange. These memories inspire me to create some festive traditions of my own! Instead of a special Halloween breakfast I decided a special Halloween dinner would be perfect for us! It’s usually kind of chilly on Halloween night so I like to make something warm & festively orange like tomato soup. {ok so a little confession…I don’t want to actually cook on Halloween night so I buy this yummy roasted tomato soup at Costco and warm it up.} I used my Circuit Explore to help me create some Batty Halloween Table Décor!

 Here’s what I made…

I found this bat called Seasonal Soirees in the Cricut Design Space and cut out a bunch of black vinyl bats in 3 different sizes {4″ wing span, 3.5″ wing span, & 1.5″ wing span}.

I have the most adorable white soup bowls {aren’t they cute!?!} and added a black vinyl bats to the side {this bat has a 3.5″ wing span}. The best part is that I can simply peel the bats off of the bowls at the end of the night. So I can have festive Halloween dishes for the night without having to store a whole set of extra dishes. Score!

I took the labels off some empty Starbucks frappuccino bottles and ran them through the dishwasher. They are a cheap knockoff of those adorable milk bottles that are out there!

Seriously, how cute are these!?! Won’t these look so festive and fun filled with milk!?! My boys are going to freak out over these! {These bats have a 1.5″ wing span}.

I thought it would be fun to add a little batty-ness to the lights above the table as well. {These lights won’t be here next Halloween! I have some fabulous DIY lighting plans for our kitchen and dining area…coming soon!}

These will be up all Oct. and will add some much festive fun to our dining area! {These bats have a 4″ wing span}  Hmm….I think I need to make some hanging bats, too. What do you think?

After all the vinyl touches I decided that I needed a batty table runner to complete my Batty Halloween Table Decor!

I used that same bat and created a whole flying bat scene in the Design Space.

A little tip…to have your Cricut Explore cut everything just as you have arranged it on your canvas, you have to click on “Select All” on the top menu, then right click and select attach. I used the light mat under my cardstock. This mat is perfect for cardstock and vinyl. Once your design is cut you’ll use that little pick tool and pull out all the bats leaving a flying bat stencil.

To remove your stencil from the mat without having your paper curl A little tip peel the mat from the paper and not the other way around. I flipped my mat over and peeled it up like this.

Now that I had my stencil, I took a piece of paint masking paper, a stencil brush, some black paint, and painters masking paper {you can get this at Home Depot for less than $5.00 a roll} to create a batty table runner.

Remember when you are stenciling to go light on the paint so you won’t have any paint bleeding through especially when using a cardstock stencil.

How spooky fun is this!?! I can’t wait for my boys to see it! Would you add more bats in the middle or just keep them on the ends?

I can’t wait for my boys to see all  the Batty Halloween Table Décor! It was all so quick and easy to put together and didn’t break the bank! What do you do for your kiddos on Halloween?

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