1 Stencil for 3 Different Projects

“This post is sponsored by Royal Design Studio but all opinions are 100% my own!”

Get more bang for your stencil buck! Use 1 Stencil for 3 Different Projects!!! {Dolen Diaries}

Have you checked out Royal Design Studio stencils before? They have SO many fabulous designs & wall decals, too! I fell in love with the Arrow Print Stencil and HAD to have it! Typically you get a stencil with one project in mind but this girl likes to get a little more bang for her buck so I used 1 Stencil for 3 different projects!

Project 1: Arrow Print Painted Canvas

I started with a 24″ x 36″ canvas; my Arrow Print Stencil; Royal Stencil Crème in Aged Nickel and Copper Kettle; 1″ stencil brush, and gold tacks.

I first learned how to really stencil at SNAP. The fabulous Royal Design Studio girls showed me how it’s really done! Here’s a complete tutorial on how to stencil! It’s SO easy!! First you pour out a little paint onto a plate or dish. Then dip your brush into the paint & swirl your brush around on a paper plate to take any of the excess paint off. *This is the most important part! Too much paint on a stencil = bleeding. Lastly, you swirl your brush around to paint not that dab, dab, dab method you’ve seen before. The swirly motions make for smooth coverage and dabs give you bubbly look.

I used painters tape to keep the stencil from moving on the canvas. I love mixing metals so I wanted to use both Aged Nickel and Copper Kettle. I started with the Copper Kettle.

Then completed the design with the Aged Nickel. {To clean your stencil all you have to do is grab a scrub brush and some dish soap and scrub away!}

After the paint was dry, I measured a 1/2″ boarder and spaced the gold tacks out an inch apart. *I rounded off the corners with the tacks to give it a little added something!

I pushed the tacks in just enough to hold and then used a rubber mallet to pound them in nice and snug. I love the metallic colors with our sleepy blue walls, don’t you!?! *If you love this project, don’t forget to pin it!

Project 2: No – Sew Drop Cloth Arrow Print Stenciled Curtains

No-Sew Drop Cloth Grommet Stenciled Curtains {Dolen Diaries}

I’m ever so SLOWLY making over our kid cave. We live in a very small house with 3 rowdy boys so we turned part of our out building into a playroom or a kid cave as my boys like to call it! Most of their toys are out there {We have Kell’s toys mostly in the house because he’s a little too young to be out in the cave alone. You can see how we store them in style here!} One of the top priorities was getting rid of these girlie curtains! {My mom made these, they were hung in my 1st apartment and in the bathroom in our little rental after we were married. I think it’s time to retire them!}

You can buy drop cloths in a variety of dimensions so you don’t even have to sew anything! Woot! Woot! You can wash your drop cloth or be lazy like me and simply iron it. Lay your drop cloth out nice and smooth on a table, the bigger the table the better!  *I covered mine in kraft paper just incase I got really messy.

Using the same technique I used on the canvas I stenciled the Arrow Print in Aged Nickel.

Royal Design Studio makes it SO easy to line your pattern up! Isn’t that fantastic!?!

Once my design was dry, it was time to add the grommets! I ordered these snap together curtain grommets through Amazon. I love that you don’t have to have any special tools to use these!

I used the template that comes in the pack to draw circles and then cut out the circles to makes holes for the grommets.

Put the ridged side of the grommet through the hole.

Then pop the pronged side into the ridged side. Done & done!

The boys requested only one panel to minimize the glare on the TV during screen time but I think it needs another panel just for symmetry, don’t you!?! Check out how I made the chalkboard art here!

Project 3: DIY Arrow Print Wood Tray

I’m kind of a tray junkie. I love a good tray! I find myself gazing at them with adoration whenever I’m out and about. I’ve also been on a bit of a black & white kick. I love the contrast and that color combo goes with EVERYTHING! So I decided to combine my two current obsessions…trays & black/white color combo! {Only I ended up with black/maple combo but it’s close enough, right!?!} Time for a garage date with my honey!

We took 1/2″ maple plywood and cut out the tray parts. {Our measurements are:  18″ x 24″ base, two 24″ x 2″ sides, & two 18″ x 2″ sides.} To cut the handles out we drilled two holes using a 1″ drill bit and then a jig saw to cut in-between the holes. We sanded all the surfaces to give us a nice smooth surface ready for finishing!

We placed the stencil over the top of the plywood secured it down with painters tape.

Using the 1″ stencil brush we applied the Ebony Stain & Seal by Faux Effects available at Royal Design Studio. *Remember it’s best to use a light hand when stenciling! This stain will bleed even more than paint because it’s a bit thinner. We applied a couple of light coats to get the deep ebony color we desired. We stained only one side of the tray side pieces to add more contrast.

To put it all together, first we put wood glue on the edges of the base. Then we used micro pins to attach the sides to the base. We love the micro pins for this project because the pin holes are so small they practically disappear, however, you can also use a regular brad nail.

Once everything was all together we sealed everything with a clear coat. I have to say that I am in L-O-V-E, love with this beauty! *If you love this project, don’t forget to pin it!

So there you have it, 1 Stencil for 3 Different Projects! Now you have a craving for a stencil don’t you!?! Well, no worries Royal Design Studio and I teamed up & we’ve got you covered! Pop on over here to enter a GIVEAWAY! One lucky reader can select any stencil, wall decal, or stencil products at $50 or less with free shipping included! CLICK OVER NOW TO ENTER!



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