Minecraft Target Practice {perfect for Nerf & water guns}

Summer Survival For Moms of Boys

I’ve teamed up with some fabulous boy mamas to bring you a host of ideas to keep your boys happy this summer! Today, I’m sharing Minecraft Target Practice {perfect for Nerf & water guns}!

Minecraft Target Practice {perfect for Nerf & water guns} from Dolen DiariesMy boys LOVE Nerf & water guns and most of the time they are a lot of fun. Did ya catch that I said most of the time!?! You see sometimes my boys get a little rowdy and take face shots {totally accidental I’m sure}. Once that happens Nerf & water guns are no longer fun. For the days they are feeling a little feisty or just need to mix it up a bit I thought it would be better for them to team up against something else instead of just each other. When I asked what they wanted to shoot they both agreed a little Minecraft Target Practice was the way to go!

I had my oldest do a Minecraft Mob {apparently those are the bad guys? I’m not super into this whole Minecraft thing.} image search so they could each pick three guys to hunt down. Together they chose Slime, Enderman, Zombie Villager, Creeper, Stampy Cat, and Wolf. I quick cut six pieces of white construction paper down to 8 x 8 squares then drew a grid {each grid square was 1 x 1} and had Gray map out the colors of each square. *Don’t worry I have PDFs of all of the characters so you don’t have to figure this out on your own! Simply click here to download them!

After he mapped out the colors, I cut the colored construction paper pieces out for each character.

A dab of glue the back of each piece and they were ready to be set into place.

This really could be an activity all on it’s own, your very own Minecraft puzzle!

Now it’s time to laminate them so they can face the water & Nerf bullets!

I adore my laminator! It is a Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901) {if you have Amazon Prime = free shipping!} it is SO easy to use and it makes things like flashcards for my boys extra tough.

All you have to do is place the paper in the laminate pouch and then send it through the machine. Super easy right!?! {Scotch(TM) Thermal Laminating Pouches, 8.9 Inches x 11.4 Inches, 50 Pouches (TP3854-50)}

Here’s the mob all trimmed and ready to go!

Now for the fun part! I let the boys play Minecraft while the laminator was heating up, etc. while they were occupied I quick hid the mob faces around our backyard and set the loaded water guns out. After everything was hidden, I busted into the kid cave and announced that we were surrounded by the Minecraft Mob, it was their duty to find them and shoot them!

The boys sprang into action and were running around hunting for them so fast I had a hard time getting a good picture of them!

I did a pretty good job hiding them because it took a little while for them to find the 1st one…Zombie Villager was going down!

The best part was that they couldn’t find Enderman even though they walked by him at least a dozen times. I had to sneak a shot of how close Gray was! After they found him we all had a good laugh at how close they were!

Now the boys are hiding them for each other but their favorite is when I hide them and surprise them. You HAVE to try this with your boys! They will love saving you, their damsel in distress {the more dramatic you play this up, the better! They will totally love that you are an active participant in their game!} and no one will lose an eye!

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