Patriotic String Art

Today, is an exciting day! I am teaming up with 110 AUH-MAZING bloggers for the ultimate red, white, & blue roundup! Get comfortable and be ready to be inspired!

I have been dying to try out string art and the Three Cheers for Red, White, & Blue Round Up seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try! Nothing says red, white, & blue like the American flag so I used it as my Patriotic String Art inspiration!

The flag has so many straight lines. It get the look I wanted it was important to keep them straight so I decided that grid paper was a must. To make things easy I cut this pressure treated plywood scrap down to 8.5″ x 11 the same size as my grid paper. *I wish I would have cut it a little larger just to have had a little more of a boarder of wood around the edge. Oh well, you create and learn!

I wanted the string to really pop off the wood so I stained the wood Ebony by Minwax.

I laid out a nail pattern that I liked on the grid paper.

I taped the grid paper to the board and started nailing in the pattern. While I was putting nails in I decided that I needed to lose a row and I didn’t need the nails in the center of the stripes. I’m SO happy I made the changes. Sometimes things look differently on paper so don’t be afraid to make changes as you go!

I picked up red, white, and blue crochet thread at a local craft store and was ready to create my string art.

To start I tied a piece of string to one of the nails.

Then I just went crazy wrapping the string around all of the nails in the row. I tried to make sure I filled in a lot of the visual space with string to create the look of a stripe. After I got enough of a stripe, I simply cut the string and tied it onto a nail. I tried to end on the same nail I started just to keep all the ties together.

To create the next stripe I pushed one side of the previous stripe down and wrapped the next color over the top so the stripes over lapped a bit. This is ended up being one of my favorite twists. I love the dimension it created!

I actually started with the blue and then did the stripes. However, if you wanted your stripes to go all the way up to the blue, I would recommend starting with the stripes so the blue would be on top of the stripe edges. It would look a lot cleaner than having the stripes on top. I love how the nail heads pop in the blue and represent stars.

This Patriotic String Art was super quick & easy. It would make for a great craft night with the girl’s project; kid’s project; or just something to do while you watch TV. (I can’t seem to watch TV or a movie without some sort of project going!)

Don’t forget there are 110 of us in the Three Cheers for Red, White, & Blue Roundup hosted by The Cards We Drew so hop around and get inspired!!

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