No More BORED Kids! {free printable}

I adore my boys, really I do. I feel blessed that I have them, but there are days when this mama wants to pull her hair out. When the dreaded B word is spoken my stress level rises…here come the sibling fights, whining, and asking for extra snacks. *The B word I’m talking about is bored and it can make mama want to say other bad words. Seriously, one of my big energy drains is bored kids. With the upcoming Spring Break, those inevitable rainy weekends, not to mention Summer vacation, I thought it would be helpful to have a list to help the boys come up with something to do on their own.

No More BORED Kids! A free printable to help your kids figure out something to do to beat the boredom blues! {Dolen Diaries}

I saw this written on a whiteboard with no source on Pinterest so whoever came up with this idea thank you for your genius! I really think this bad boy is going to save this mama’s sanity. Since I love you all so much, I thought I’d make a free printable so you can have a sign of your own! Just click here to download yours! You can thank me when you have No More BORED Kids!



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