Our Best Days Are Ahead Of Us Not Behind Us {free printable}

What to hear something really cool and inspiring? Our Best Days Are Ahead Of Us Not Behind Us! Seriously, no joke, it’s true.

Our Best Days Are Ahead {free printable} Dolen Diaries

This was part of a message a couple of Sundays ago and it really touched my heart. Sometimes I get caught in the line of thinking that days gone by were my best days but isn’t it inspiring, amazing, and awesome to hear that while those were great days that our best days are ahead of us, not behind us!?! It encourages me to go on working for the Kingdom in the place that the Lord has me now.

My place in the Kingdom looks a little like this:

  •  wife
  • mama of three boys
  • vacuuming the floor at least twice a day
  • countless loads of laundry
  • playing games of freeze tag in the backyard with my boys & the neighborhood kids
  • watching a friend’s child so she can go to an appointment
  • making little crafty things for mamas in the NICU to brighten their day
  • making dinner
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • giving hugs & kisses
  • tucking little ones into bed even though Micah already did 5 minutes earlier

Sound familiar? Feeling like you are spinning your wheels and that your high school, college, or when your kiddos were little were your best days and you’re not sure if what the future holds is better? Just remember Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You, Not Behind You. Just keep working for the Kingdom in the place the Lord has you and those best days will come. Do not be discouraged!

Our Best Days Are Ahead {free printable} Dolen Diaries

To help me remember this I created this printable you can download it here if you’d like to have one of your own.


  1. says

    This is beautiful, really beautiful. i had a disappointing day on Tuesday and was too stuck in the thinking of the old days when i did more consulting and things were structured. this quote is a great reminder that this isn’t necessarily the end of all good days 😀
    thanks for sharing this.
    Marwa @ passing by from the Mamade link up.

    • says

      Thank YOU for sharing that! I used to teach and sometimes when I’m having a rough day at home I look back at those days are golden. It’s such an easy thing to do but there are definitely better days ahead!


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