seussical mixed up animals {dr. seuss inspired art}

One of our favorite things about Dr. Seuss’ stories are his crazy characters. It seems like he takes a little of this from one animal, a little of that from another, and tada Seussical animals are born!

Dr. Seuss Art Project: Seussical Mixed Up Animals {Dolen Diaries}

These are SUPER quick, easy, & fun to create! All you need is: a pencil, black Sharpie marker, white construction paper, water colors, paint brush, & a cup of water.

Then just let the creativity flow!

  1. Draw in pencil.
  2. Trace the pencil with a Sharpie
  3. Paint with water colors
  4. Once dry, cut out

Ash created an animal that was part tiger and part chicken. He named it a Chiger.

Gray created an animal that was part giraffe and part elephant. He named it a Giraffephant.

*Here’s a little mama tip. Create WITH your kids! My boys love it when I join in and make what they are making. It opens the door to some really neat conversations and special memories with their mama.

The animal I created is part bird and part hippo. I named it a Bippo.

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