year of the horse: a chinese new year craft

This year’s Chinese New Year will be kicking off the year of the horse. You know, me always a fan of a theme I decided it would be fun to do a horse craft to go with the new year.

Red is a traditional Chinese New Year color so we decided making a red horse would be the way to go! First we took a red paper plate.

Second, we cut it in 1/2. Fold the paper plate in 1/2 if you have a little helper cutting. It makes a nice line for them to cut on.

On the back of one 1/2 I drew lines for legs and a head.

Here’s all the cut out horse pieces.

Ash wanted to be able to play with the horse so we opted to staple all of our pieces on to cut out any drying time. Every horse needs a tale and since black is also a traditional color for Chinese New Year we cut black yarn for the tale and stapled it on as well.

The edges of the paper plate created the perfect lines for hooves which were colored in with black Sharpie marker.

Ash felt like his horse needed a little decoration so we dug through our fun foam sticker bin to find gold and red stickers. My heart leaped for joy when he insisted on the glitter stickers, I adore a little touch of glitter! He named his horse Thunder. Ash and Thunder spent Kell’s naptime playing happily. I love it when his imagination takes over!
Are you doing any projects with your kiddos for Chinese New Year?


  1. says

    Thank you for posting this craft. I had a hard time finding horse crafts, until I found your post. I am making it with my special needs students over in Malaysia in preparation of our big CNY celebration.

  2. Rosemary says

    Thank you for posting this great craft idea. We’re making it today in our homeschool for craft time, in preparation for Chinese New Year :)


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