diy tissue paper tassel garland with a super bowl twist

While I’m beyond thrilled that the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl, I still don’t want to spend a ton of money on décor for our little Super Bowl gathering. A girlfriend had made this super cute tissue paper tassel garland for her daughter’s room which of course made me want to make my own tassel garland. A quick look at my tissue paper stash and I discovered that I had all the colors I needed to make a Seahawks inspired tissue paper tassel garland. These garlands are SO quick & easy to make! Elementary age kids could easily help make the tassels. Here’s how…. Take a full piece of tissue paper & fold it in 1/2 hotdog way (Sorry, I taught kindergarten! Folds will always be done in hotdog and hamburger way to me.) Fold it in 1/2 hamburger way Fold it in 1/2 hotdog way again Cut strips leaving about an inch or two up at the top close to the fold. *DO NOT cut the folded edge you’ll have a bit of a mess. Cut all the way through the middle of your fringe to create two parts.

Open up the folded fringe

Roll & twist the middle together

Twist together to make a loop & secure with tape (I used clear tape on my Seahawks garland or you can use fun washi like this!)

String your finished tassels onto a piece of yarn, twine, or string!

Remember the Q-Tip painted paper footballs we made a couple of weeks ago? They are back!!!!

Once my tassels were all on I thought it was missing something and that’s when I remembered those adorable paper footballs! We had two so I taped those on the ends of my garland.

Now all the Hawks have to do is win on Sunday!

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  1. Fatima says

    Awesome idea..couldn’t figure out what to do with blue and green tissue paper..I’ll be doing this for Sunday. Go Hawks!


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