reindeer names sign

I love the reindeer name art that is floating around blogland, they are so cute, light, and cheery! My dear, sweet husband went out into the cold brought in some wood scraps, cut the wood down to the size I wanted (8 x 14″), and even sprayed on a light coat of heirloom white all so I could make one of these cheery signs!

While he was working away, I wish I could say I was laying next to a fire reading a good book instead I was helping kids with homework and making dinner. I still swooned because he was giving me the gift of a quick and easy nighttime project. You see, I had this silly movie on the DVR from the Lifetime network about a mom who had two choices of prom dates back in high school; she chose the nice guy, who would dance with her, and didn’t have a lot of money. Over the years she gets bitter and complains about her life losing sight of the blessings she has. The two wonderful girls, a husband that adores her, etc. She gets hit on the head and climbs through her dryer (I know, I know…I actually watched it.) and magically ends up in the life she could have had. Loveless marriage, headed to divorce, and lots of money. She sees the errors of her ways wishing she had a different life and wakes up in her real life with renewed appreciation. Nicole Eggert from Charles in Charge plays the mom. It’s silly, but it was a good message and I love having things like that on while I work on a project after the kids go to bed. Micah teases me about it, but he helped a girl out with a project. Now that my dears, is love!

While dear sweet Nicole was getting her head clunked, I whipped out a stencil on my Cameo. I adjusted the names so they would line up on both sides.

Using a black sharpie, I traced the letters.
For the O in Rudolph, I painted 2 coats of a bright cheery red. Before the painted dried on the second coat, I sprinkled some of Martha’s glitter in garnet to add some sparkle!

After I shook off the excess glitter, I painted the other letters with three coats of black craft paint. A few command strips on the back (I seriously adore command strips! How did I survive without them!?!), a quick pop up on the wall, and done! I love quick and easy projects!

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