My Eucharisteo: 2

Happy Friday! I can’t believe I am writing that! Where did the week go!?! Does anyone else feel like this week flew by? I didn’t even scratch the surface on all I wanted to do. I’m making a pre New Year’s resolution to be more organized with my time. I have to admit that since I’ve started staying home I’ve gotten sucked into this frame of mind that I have ALL this time which makes me less productive that when I felt like I had less time. This mama needs to get it together! Anyways….
here are some of my blessings…

Not to be out done by his brothers Kell took a funny pic with Mama, too. My silly boys warm my heart.

We were blessed during Thanksgiving week with amazing sunny weather! Since the kiddos had school conferences they had early release days. These long sunny afternoons called for time at the park. My friend, Jessica, snapped this picture of me & Kell playing. Thanks, Jess! I absolutely love this photo!

This little muffin man is the cutest garage helper ever. That chin! Those cheeks! He’s just way too delicious!

We “Griswold” our Christmas tree every year. It’s SO much fun climbing up the mountains in our truck, hiking around looking for the perfect (HA! More like never perfect and super wonky) tree, and enjoying some amazing family time. Kell was a little dunzo with the snow so while the guys hiked up a steep hill to look for our tree. I took advantage of the time by taking a selfie of the two of us.

I love it when inspiration strikes! I came up with this super fun Lego head wrap job for one of Ash’s friend. Can you guess the theme of the party!?! Ash was SO excited to give his friend this present.

Here we are on our way to a fun filled Thanksgiving weekend adventure! We had the best time with Micah’s Aunt, Uncle, all the cousins, and their kiddos. I adore watching all of our kids grow up together.

Nothing is cuter than a little Thanksgiving play. These two dudes were the sweetest pilgrims ever! My favorite part was when they sailed on top of a rolling cooler powered by Uncle Josh. *We decided this summer to just call all the big cousins aunts and uncles. It made things WAY less confusing for the kids.

Oh Christmas Tree…completely bald in the back. We drilled holes in the trunk and hot glued extra branches in to fatten her up. Yes, the Dolen’s craft their Christmas trees. It’s part of what makes us so special or crazy. Take your pick.

There is something so special about watching my boys play. I know that I will treasure the sounds of imagination running wild for the rest of my life.

Ahhh, my love. How I adore you even with Elvis lip in what could have been a cute picture of us. Micah is the worst photo bomber ever! It does make me laugh…most of the time. We’ve been on quite the roller coaster ride these past couple of years, but we’re still smiling and Elvis lipping so I’d say that’s a good sign.

We got some dry ice in an Amazon Fresh order and my awesome husband thought of putting pieces in varying water temperatures. The boys were enamored with the steaming cups. Sometimes I forget that there is so much magic in the world, moments like this remind me.

My mom treated me to a fabulous night out! We went to the Pioneer Woman’s book signing.
While we waited 2 hrs in line we both started getting tired. My family jokes that I go to my crazy place and become the Mayor of Crazy Town when I get tired. In these moments, I am hilarious or so I think. We started coming up with all these weirdo things that we could say when we got up to the front of the line. Oh how we were cracking up! Don’t worry, we didn’t say any of those things.

Ree Drummond was cute, funny, and utterly charming.

Here’s the 3 of us besties. We thanked her for taking the time to sign our books and chatted a bit about how tired she must be. She said something about being punchy. On the way home I decided that I will no longer be the Mayor of Crazy Town but instead I will be the Princess of Punchy Palace. Much prettier dontcha think and it’s Pioneer Woman inspired so you can’t go wrong with that!

Hope you are taking the time to enjoy the blessings in your life!

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