Pinterest Recipe: Honey Seasame Chicken

You know how you pin a million-kazillon recipes on Pinterest only never to try them? Wait, is that just me? I’m trying to be better about actually do/trying the things I pin on Pinterest.

So, I tried a recipe on my Freezer and Slow Cooker Meals board from Graciously Saved last week and winner, winner chicken dinner my kids liked it! I’m cracking myself up right now because it was a crockpot chicken recipe. So funny, I know! (Can you tell that I’m tired!?!)
Honey Sesame Chicken with a side of jasmine rice mixed with peas put my boys in dinner heaven. Sadly, if you read the comments some people let her know over and over that they are not true Paleo recipes. So if you are an angry person when it comes to Paleo food please do not pop over and check these out. If you are a person who wants to try something new to add to their crockpot dinner go to list and will be nice then please pop over here to check them out!

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