our home: the “befores”: the living room

Come on in! So I totally thought I had posted this yesterday but I guess I just hit save and not publish. Sad! Oh well, I’m sure you’ve been sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting for the next installment of “befores” so here it is! The living room!

When you entered the house you were struck by two things…this lovely interior window and a special odor. It was a mix of cigarette smoke, dog urine, and the musty old house. It was one of those smells that stick with you for life. In fact, just thinking about it brings to back. Yuck!

This is SUPER blurry but it’s the only picture I have of this window at this angle. While it was nice to have a big window in the living room, it was so poorly insulated that you could feel a breeze when you stood in front of it.

Between the breezy front window and the breezy front door this house was SO energy efficient! The front door had this amazing creaking sound that was so loud it could wake a baby and did several times before we replaced it. We live in a wooded neighborhood with LOTS of pine needles so the carpet right up to the front door is an amazing idea! The pictures do not do the carpet situation justice! It was a disgusting mess!

The hallway was so dark. This was taken in the middle of the day with no window coverings in any of the bedrooms. You totally want to walk down that hallway, don’t you!?!

Here’s the last little corner of the room. You are even getting a little sneak peak in the kitchen and hall bathroom. Lucky you!

Next week where should we go? Kitchen or down the scary hallway?



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