our home: the “befores”: the kitchen

Into the “before” kitchen we go….

Where should I start here? The gold stove? Funnily enough that oven baked to perfection!
Looking back I wish we would have torn out the cabinets before we moved in so we could have torn out the bulkheads above all the cabinets. Unfortunately, for us we couldn’t afford new cabinets right away so we kept them and the bulkheads. Not wanting to deal with the mess we still have the bulkheads above our new cabinets but I hardly even notice them now.

The faux butcher block counters were actually not as bad as they could have been. If your counter tops are Formica circa 1979 there is a lot worse that you could have!

The flooring was appalling. Years and years of grime stained it and I was SO glad when that got ripped out pre-move in.

The pantry was down right scary. With a view through to the hot water heater and furnace it really didn’t say store things you want to eat in here! I did the best I could with it at first…cleaning, shelf liner, but it was one of the early post move in projects we did.

I am really excited to share the after of this room because I adore the way it turned out! If I were to do another house today, I’d do basically the same thing again!

Since our kitchen directly connects to our dining area I thought I’d better share that as well!

The carpeting in this area was GROSS!!! Wall to wall carpet under the only eating table in a house does not work.

The corner with the fabulous interior window into what the family room.

Here is the view into the living room. Naturally, we’ll head into the family room next week. There was quite the surprise in the family room when we bought. It both scared me and made me laugh.


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