My Eucharisteo: 1

I just finished the One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp book study with a small group at my church. It was an amazing study! It really forced me to slow down and look at all the gifts that God gives me each day (big & small) and to remember that it is a choice to see or ignore these gifts. When I choose to ignore all the gifts He gives me, I am being ungrateful to the worst degree.
Ann uses the word eucharisteo (meaning thanksgiving). It’s a beautiful word, a word that I want my life to be about….giving thanks to God. Not just in November because everyone is supposed to give thanks around Thanksgiving but in every moment of everyday. So I’m on a quest for Eucharisteo, my thanksgiving in all things.

Part of the study is that you make a list of 1,000 things you are thankful for. One thousand is a lot and I’m still working on my list but I am SO thankful for starting! The 1,000 list does amazing things for your soul, it really does! Whether you do the study or not, I would strongly encourage you to make a list of 1,000 things you are thankful for. Try to find something to be thankful for in every situation, even the yucky hard stuff! It’s often the yucky hard stuff that brings the most blessings, IF you are willing to find them. Let’s face it, it’s not easy to be full of eucharisteo when things aren’t going your way, but I promise you there is something (even if it’s just a little something) there to be thankful for.

A few of my Eucharisteo things….(as I typed, I sung it like Maria in the Sound of Music)

The dishwasher that washes our dirty dishes.

Garage dates with a man who loves me & doesn’t mind that this is how I dress out there.

Red cups & monthly coffee dates with a dear friend.

3 healthy boys that create all the dirty laundry. *I was feeling like the laundry never ends which it doesn’t but I was being a bit dramatic. It made it better when I realized there was something to be thankful for here.

My kids know their Grapes (great grandma & grandpa)

All the time I get to spend one on one with this little muffin man is such an amazing gift!

Legos lessen the age gap between my big boys.

Family Night making pizza and playing number bingo.

Being a mother that can always feed her children.

Trying to get a nice picture of the two of us turns into this weird picture with Gray. He makes me laugh.

Just another boy mama moment. The caption should read….What are you doing to me!?!

Ash asking to take a silly face picture with me only to see that we chose the same silly face. Is it odd that I found that touching?

Happy Friday!!


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    I really loved this post. Love the way that you have chosen to find joy even in the laundry. The pizza night picture brought back wonderful memories for me! My oldest four children and I used to make homemade pizzas and watch “funny shows i.e. sitcoms like Family Matters” every Friday night. I cherish those memories.

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