spider web learning mats

I love blank learning mats they are SO versatile! Since we’re on the countdown to Halloween I thought a spooky spider web would make a really fun background to add a bit of themed fun to the concepts my kiddos are working on. You can make just one mat per kiddo or one to share but I decided I wanted to make 10 smaller mats.

To draw the web:


I repeated this 9 more times.

I put two mats in a letter-size laminating pouch.

Ran them through my laminator and cut them apart. All done! You now have a learning mat for your kiddos!

Here are some ideas of how to use your new mats:

Letter and/or sound recognition: Using a dry erase marker write 1 letter on each card (the marker wipes right off with a paper towel). Call out a letter or sound and have your kiddo put bean bag, spider puppet or other marker on the card with the matching letter. Or your little one could toss the spider and have to tell you which letter or sound the spider landed on.

Numbers: Write one number on each card have your kiddo put the matching number of buttons on each card. Or have your little one order numbers to count up or count down by 1’s, 5’s,  or 10’s.

Word Work: Write a letter on each mat spelling a word (start with your kiddo’s name, then work on sight words ex. the, and, my, she). Mix up the mats for each word and have them put the mats in order to spell the word.

Mat Hunts: Remember the heart hunt I did with Ash? You could do the same with these cards. To take it up a notch write a letter or sight word on each mat. As they find the mats they have to call out the letter name, sound, or word they found.  Or have them find all the mats first then bring them all to you and read them.

Positions: Put a mat on a table (coffee tables are great heights for toddlers and preschoolers), another under, another next to, another in front, and another behind. Call out a position and have your kiddo put the spider on the mat in that position. Or turn the tables (sorry, couldn’t help that one!) and have your kiddo tell you where to put the spider. Make a few mistakes and have them correct you.

Fun & Games: Musical Chairs only use the mats instead of chairs. Line the mats down a hallway, have your kiddos pick a mat they want to hit, and have them try to toss the spider onto the mat.

That’s a lot of fun things to do with these learning mats! Do you have any other suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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