our home: the “befores” part 1

I had originally planned to share all the “befores” but there are just too many! So I’m breaking it down a bit. Today is all about the outside of our haunted house (okay so it is not haunted but it seemed like the festive thing to say with Halloween being tomorrow).

This was the view from the street. You couldn’t really the front of the house let alone the front door and isn’t that a curb appeal rule?

Here is what the front yard looked like as you pulled up to the house from the main street. Look at my chubby little Gray! Awww….so little.

This is the one thing that still makes Micah sad. What were we thinking, thinking a one car garage would cut it!?! Well, we were thinking it would do for a couple of years and then we’d move on. Life plays funny jokes on us sometimes.

What this house lacked in garages it made up for in walkways to the font door. I’m not sure what the design idea was here. In between is a flower bed that was deceptively shallow and was under the overhang so it didn’t get watered naturally. It was full of trash and no flowers.

We dug out that rose bush in front of the far right bedroom but must have missed a tiny piece of root because we get a rose stem (never any flowers) every summer.

Now we’re heading into the back yard.

The “garden”. I’m sure you’re just dying to sample something out of here!

The shed in the backyard has turned into the biggest blessing of this house.

Our property ends in this weird little point behind the shed. I always hated that I couldn’t see the boys when they played back here which naturally meant they wanted to play only back there.

The back of the house had this big covered porch that we were SO excited about. Micah’s dad is standing here thinking _______? So many things could fill in that blank!

This tree used to leak sap like crazy! On hot summer days there would be a pool of sap around it. The super awesome part was that it was right off the corner of our porch so Gray was always covered in super easy to clean sap.

The view from the back porch gazing towards the lovely garden….
Thankfully, it no longer looks like this. Ash asked me whose house this was and said, “Wow you bought this house like that!?!” Ahhh…five year olds.
I have to say that as I looked at these “befores” I developed a crush on this adorable couple that bless their little hearts saw something in this very ugly house that needed A LOT of work. Then I remembered that this adorable couple was us and while we aren’t nearly as cute today, we continue to see potential in this little house. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done so far but before we get to that I’ll have to show you next week what the inside looked like! Be very thankful those pictures will not be scratch and sniff!


  1. says

    I like how you are separating out the posts because now I really can’t wait to see the afters! I love these before & after type posts because I am awful with home improvement things!
    Karen @ Karen’s Soiree

  2. says

    This is great Shelly! I can’t wait to see what you have done with it! You may inspire me to share some “before’s” What I can’t get over is your beautiful landscape/setting!


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