How To Make A Black Paper Cat

Ash had a friend over this weekend and they wanted to make a project to play with. What better than a black paper cat in October!?!

Want to make one with your kiddos? Here’s how to make a black paper cat:

Fold a piece of black construction paper or cardstock in 1/2 (hamburger way)

Draw a arch with a white crayon (not on the fold)

Draw a smaller arch inside of the larger arch

Cut out the largest arch to make the body and legs of the cat

Cut the smaller arch line to make the head and tail

Glue the head and tail onto the body

Cut out two eyes from a piece of yellow construction paper or cardstock and glue them onto the head

Using the scrap from the other arch cut out two black eyes and glue them onto the yellow eyes

Cut two strips of grey construction paper or cardstock and glue them onto the head in an X

Cut out a nose from that same piece of yellow and glue it on top of the center of the grey X

Cut out a mouth out of the yellow paper and glue it on the head

Ash and his friend had so much fun playing with their cats. Now his spooky friend graces one of our magnetic frames in our hall.




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