neutral paper medallion garland

While I love the colors of autumn but I have to admit that I’m not quite there yet. I need a bit of a palate cleanser from the red, white, and blues I love in the summer to the red, orange, and yellows of the fall. To ease myself into the full swing of fall décor I’m adding a few neutral touches here and there. To start off I made this neutral paper medallion garland that hangs on my hutch.

I cut some pages of an old pregnancy book into 3.5 inch wide strips and folded them accordion style. I used my bone folder and it was a finger saver! It made such crisp lines that would have killed my digits otherwise.

I folded each of the accordion folded strips in half.

I used some string to tie the two accordions together. I made a ton of these before I moved onto the next step. Folding and tying all of these was the perfect watching Bravo while the Mr. was out and the kids were in bed project.

Next, I fanned all the medallions out and secured pieces together using a tacky tape. I snipped off the string ends.

My toddler helped me sort out the light neutral tans and taupes out of our button box. He actually just made a huge mess but he had SO much fun so it was worth cleaning up after. The cardstock circles were made with a 1 inch punch.

First, I hot glued a circle in the center.

Second, I hot glued the button on top of the circle.

After all my medallions were made I hot glued them to a long piece of rustic looking twine. I have to say that I love the subtle nod to fall that it makes. This garland would be SO easy to switch up too! Orange and black buttons for Halloween, red for Valentine’s Day…the possibilities are endless!

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