how to organize children’s books

I love to read and want my kids to grow up feeling the same way. One of the things I can do as I mom to help instill a love of reading is read to & with my kids every day. Having been a kindergarten teacher, I have quite the collection of children’s books. With so many books it can be hard to find a book in a traditional bookcase. Today, I’m sharing how I organized our family’s children’s books….

First the boys and I dumped every children’s book we own on the floor in the living room where I sorted them into stacks by theme or author. To keep all my piles straight I wrote the category on a sticky note and stuck it on the top of each stack.

I bought these white magazine boxes at IKEA and they are perfect for holding children’s books! I put each stack into a magazine box and stuck the sticky note on the front.

Here’s an example of what my sticky notes looked like.

I typed each of the stinky note categories onto a label (font Handy George) and printed them out. If I decide later that I want to switch up a category then I can just white out the print and slap a new printed label on top of it. *I like to white out the old label so the ink doesn’t show through the new one.

A quick peel and stick later and I had organized children’s books! I love this system!!! We actually keep all the books out in our boy cave (more on that later) and simply bring in the one or two boxes we want for bedtime stories. Ash has the back to school box in his room now for bedtime reading.

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