halloween wands

Ash is a HUGE Halloween fan! So much so that his last few birthday parties have all been Halloween themed…in December. As soon as the Halloween isle pops up in all the stores he starts begging to decorate the house. If he had it his way the house would be covered with spooky snakes, spiders, rats (I am terrified of all rodents), and skulls. I personally don’t like the scary side of Halloween so I try to mesh our Halloween styles into what I like to call Spooky Cool. I love having something festive on all of our tables but flowers don’t last very long so I made some Halloween wands to add some festive flair! I think they fit the Spooky Cool bill!

My supplies:
On a recent trip to Michael’s I picked up some sparkly black pompoms; Recollections Haunted Manor 4.5 x 6.5in cardstock paper pad; a few rolls of Halloween themed washi tape; and some sparkly black ribbon. I pulled some rods (about the same size as skewers with flat tops & bottoms), ribbon, glittered doodads (spider, the word scary, a piece of candy, and a bat.) as well as some old book pages.

I spray painted the rods all black. Don’t ya just love the painting rack I created!?!

I cut the cardstock to the sizes I wanted and attached the cardstock with washi tape. Next I attached the doodads with raised foam glue dots.

I hot glued some ribbon pieces together.

Hot glued the pompom to the top of the rod and the ribbon right underneath. Here’s the spider wand.

I also made this Trick or Treat candy wand.

A bat wand.

This skeleton wand is just the decoration off one of the pieces of cardstock. I thought it was Spooky Cool all on it’s own so I just cut that part out. *I used some of the rest of the paper to make the bat wand.

Lastly, the scary wand that isn’t so scary.

Which one is your favorite? I can’t decide…I adore them all!


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