back to school mama brunch

After such an emotional day on Monday, Tuesday I got to do something really fun! I hosted a back to school brunch for some of my favorite mamas! We had quite impressive spread for such a small group!

I found some of the recipes and pinned then on my Back TO School Pinterest board. While you’re over there I’d love it if you checked out my other boards. Let me break it down for you….

  1. baked blueberry coconut oatmeal
  2. pumpkin baked French toast
  3. bacon, egg, and cheese cups *see how Dana makes these below
  4. chicken curry salad **I cheated and bought mine from Costco but this is a similar recipe.
  5. puffy pancakes

For the egg cups you spray a muffin tin (or Dana says even better use a silicon muffin pan); place raw or cooked bacon around the bottom of each muffin cup *if using totally raw bacon bake for maybe 12 minutes; crack an egg in each muffin cup; bake them at 350 for 12 minutes; place a little piece of cheese on the top and broil for a couple of minutes. You can make them ahead, they microwave nicely and are good on English muffins, too! Oh and to mix it up ham is delish in these as well! These are yum!

I kept the décor super simple because I just got my boys back to school and it’s still crazy around here! I had a back to school printable in a frame on the table with a tray of favors in front of it.

I got this printable from eighteen25. If you haven’t yet, you need to check out their printables! They are SUPER cute and they have one for almost every occasion.

As a little favor I put a honeycrisp apple & a little caramel apple dip in bags. I shredded some old book pages to fill the bottom of the bag because nothing says back to school like books, right!?!

I found this caramel dip in the produce section with the apples. Am I the only one or do you adore things like this!?! I love it when they make little individual sizes of things. I think they are so cute.

We sipped mimosas, swapped first day of school tales, and sampled all of the yummy food! Just thinking about it makes me want to host another one…see you ladies next Tuesday! Just kidding! Well sort of…..

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