back to school 1st days

I know that most of you have been back to school for at least a week but this week we finally finished our back to schools in the Dolen household. This year it was especially exciting for me because I got to do the first days of very important years for my boys! You see, I was a teacher so Gray’s first day was also my first day so I never got to do the first day thing. I feel so blessed to have had the experience this year!

Gray started middle school last week. (I asked him if he would stand next to a sign and he said he would prefer not to.) I’m happy to report that middle school suits him.

Ash started kindergarten on Monday. You can find out how I made this sandwich board here. I free handed the lettering but I looked at the font Handy George for inspiration.

Here’s me with Ash at the bus stop. Sniff, sniff. It was a big milestone year around here! I was teary all day on Monday off and on.

Then Daddy, Kell, & Ash at the bus stop. (Ok this picture made me tear up all on it’s own!)

Oh kindergarten cuteness how I do miss you, but I have to say it was REALLY fun just being a mom. Ash’s teacher read the Night Before Kindergarten with all the parents in the room. Talk about a tear jerker! (We actually had read it the night before so Ash was SUPER excited that he already knew the story.)

Here was Ash’s little table spot.

Ash was one happy but tired little boy when he got off the bus.

I hope your 1st days were as good as ours were!

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