mommy & me workroom

We live in a small home and every space has to be super functional or it turns into a GIANT mess. I needed to make our old office/playroom/dumping ground into a multifunctional space that actually functioned unlike before. So here is our mommy & me workroom. It’s a place for me to work on my projects, the kids to work on theirs, and a little corner just for Kell to play while mommy creates. Let me take you on a little tour….

First, we cleaned out the office/playroom/dumping ground. See the before…okay so these boxes weren’t always here…this was taken during purge-a-palozza. But I figured everyone likes to see that their house isn’t the only house that looks like a complete disaster from time to time and this is most likely worse that yours typically is so here’s your feel good moment!

This is what you see as you walk from our kitchen into the TV room.

Here’s the straight on shot from in the middle of the TV room. The blue chicken wire bulletin board will soon be orange and will hang above the duck egg blue dresser that houses all (ha, ok most) of my crafting supplies. The tall cabinet on the left with the ABC poster is home to our vacuum, Swiffer, and broom/dustpan. The middle cabinets with the sight word caterpillar are where we keep paper plates, napkins, extra ziplock bags, etc. It’s our Costco overflow space. The big, tall cabinets on the right is all the kid craft stuff and the over flow of my craft stuff.

I keep this pretty well stocked (ok I’m a little bit of a hoarder) with everything that the kids could need. We have yarn, glue sticks, scissors, Crayola crayons, colored pencils, and markers (Crayola is really the only brand I buy because those off brands just do not work as well. I used to be a kindergarten teacher so take my word for it!), tons of construction paper in a variety of colors, white printer paper, white drawing, paper, paint, white glue, pipe cleaners, etc. I wish it were more organized but this is what it really looks like.

Here’s the little corner on the left side of the entry of the room. This is Kell’s little corner. As you can see it has a few of his toys to keep him happy while I work. (Although right now he is pulling at my skirt begging to sit on my lap to “help”.) We also keep our cat food here. Note: those food dishes go up on the shelves when Kell is there playing. The shelves house other craft supplies and our wireless network stuff.

On the right side of the entry is this dresser that I painted with chalk paint. It was my first ever chalk paint project and it was AMAZING! I seriously love that stuff and now totally get why everyone has been talking about it for so long! This is where I keep the bulk of my craft supplies. I’ll take you through it another time. I want to get one of those wire baskets for balls from Land of Nod to hold my rolls of paper that are next to the dresser.

Let’s pause a moment to look at how adorable these owls are! I got them on clearance at Michaels a while back and I love them! They are home to pens and pencils. That fabulous blinged out bell was a gift from a student and I’ve now started dinging it to gather my children. I was a teacher, remember!?!

Here’s the desk. It was an old school table and is that cool vintage green. It’s stained and has old tape stuck to the sides and I adore it! I have the printed all set up ready to be plugged in my or the kids’ laptop. This will be my challenge to keep the desk cleared. I’m working on a big tray to keep my in process projects in so the table is clear for the boys to do their homework.

So there you have it, our mommy & me workroom!

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