kid art gallery magnetic frames

I adore kid art! I love to display their wonky little creations in our hallway where I pass by them often giving me a little smile throughout the day.

I love having their work “framed” but easily switched out. I had made these frames years ago and they did a pretty good job displaying the work but they stuck out from the wall just enough for my boys to knock them off at least once a week. My poor frames were starting to fall apart so I needed to find something new.

See how they stick out?

I found these laser cut frames at Michaels and they are super thin! My gears started turning…sheet metal is very thin and I could put magnets on the back of clothes pins to easily put up and change out the kid art.

I love orange and with my newly blue walls orange frames would be a fun pop of color.

Micah picked up a piece of sheet metal for me. We measured the frames and cut out pieces to fill the frames with tin snips. I used hot glue to glue the sheet metal into place.

To protect the wall from getting scratched I added another ribbon of hot glue on the edges.

While we were out school supply shopping I had the boys pick out some cool dude washi tape. I covered the clothes pins with their washi tape picks and hot glued magnets on the back. SUPER easy and I love that the boys added their own touch to this project.

I used command strips made for hanging pictures to hang all the frames flat on the wall. No more knocking them off on the floor! Woot! Woot!

We are ready for the art to start coming home from school!

How do you display your kid art?

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