cleaning house: major stuff purge

We have begun a major stuff purge or a purge-a-palooza as I like to call it. I mean we are talking everything in this house will have been touched by these tired hands (I have been purging stuff all weekend) by the end of this week or at least that is the goal. Honestly, I am not good at getting rid of things. I stress out over needing items later. My husband says, “If we need another one we’ll get one later.” I look at the toss and we’ll just get another one later as a waste so I have a hard time with the purge.
To help me get rid of the excess stuff I needed a little inspiration. I have a girlfriend, Lauren, who is the most organized person I know. Every time I started slipping into the “What if I need this thing, I haven’t used in years” I would stop and think, “Would Lauren Keep It!?!” If it was a no, it would go. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week!
Thought you might like to see the purging progress….ugh it gets worse before it gets better right!?!

We took everything out of the shed….this is what it looks sadly after A LOT of stuff was taken out.

Stuff from the shed….

More stuff from the shed.

More shed stuff & office/playroom/craft room stuff.
Wish me luck!!


  1. says

    You are so good, nice to have somebody for inspiration to help you purge..Know how you feel, I would keep everything in case I might need it ten years from now, uh 10 yrs. from now I’ll be 83 do ya’ think I’ll still need it? lol
    Keep up the good job gal, you’ve inspired me. I need to clean out so much from craft room that I haven’t used in years, then there’s our shed, eeeeekkkkk.. Happy summer

  2. Susan G says

    Best plan ever. I do this quarterly in all closets, drawers and cupboards. You can replace almost anything if you REALLY need it someday at a consignment store or the Goodwill for cheap. The clean, organized, clutter free homes HAPPY!

  3. says

    Oh man! I totally know what you mean! I’m going through the same process with getting rid of stuff. Good luck to both of us!

    Check out my blog:

  4. says

    hi this is Julia from our blogelina group. I like your pics…good luck with the purge! My family and I are going through a fairly similar process, fun but not fun!

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