wooden fireworks

After making the wooden buoys I had a little bit of wood left over and I couldn’t let it go to waste! I whipped up some wooden fireworks to add a little POW to my patio table.

Micah cut these blocks for me and I sanded all the rough edges and corners off. Then painted all three blocks red.

I took a pencil, red & white paper clips, and sparkly edged red & white ribbon to add the sizzle spark (as Ash calls it) on the tops of my fireworks.

I took the paperclip and straighten it out then twisted it around the pencil to create a twisty fuse.

Then I tied the red & white ribbon on the ends of the fuse.

A blob of hot glue on the top of each block to attach the fuse. Ta da! Easy peasy 4th of July decoration!

Here they are in their home on my back porch. Super cute centerpiece right!?!

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    Great ideas, so pretty and festive. I’ll have to go out to our wood pile to see what we have. Just have to find the paper clips. Pretty quick and easy also. I might put some patriotic fabric on mine. Thanks for sharing a wonderful project and it looks great on your beautiful table. Happy Summer

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