sad day at farm school

Sometimes it really sucks being the mom and today was one of those days. It started off fine, a fun scavenger hunt play date, then a special lunch in the car while we waited for it to be time for Ash to go to preschool, but then I got an e-mail from one of the preschool teachers saying one of the baby chicks had died. The baby chicks that they all voted on which kind to get and were beyond excited about finally arriving. So I debated on what to do…do I tell him, sing the Circle of Life from the Lion King and hope for the best? Or do I just let him find out at school?

I opted to tell him because I wasn’t sure how he’d react and didn’t think it would be fair to put those poor teachers through a complete meltdown. I’m glad I did. He burst out into tears and sobbed, “Mommy why does this keep happening to me!?!” My heart broke so hard it I actually heard the sound of breaking glass.

You see last year he lost a lot. First he lost our cat, Cougar, to a raccoon while I was in the hospital having our 25 week twins. Then a month later he lost one of his little brothers, Sky. This little chick was just added to his list. Ugh!

He then told me that he knows what die means that it means you don’t ever come back….more sobs. So we talked about God, Jesus, and Heaven. Then Ash decided that God was going to be taking care of the chick so it would be okay. The other chicks were healthy and going to be going to the barn yard soon. After that he wiped his little face and said, “I’m glad you told me. I didn’t want to cry in front of my friends.” Okay when did he get so big!?!

He’s at school now. We checked on all the other chicks and they are growing and strong. He smiled, gave me a kiss & a hug, and was ready for me to leave.
I feel like a need a nap. What a sucky day to be the mom. The rest of those chicks better make it!

Hope your Friday is better than ours so far. Fingers crossed for a fabulous weekend!


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    Oh my gosh Shelly I am so sorry for all of your heartbreaking loss. What a crappy day for you and your sweet boy. I have no words, just prayers for much better days for your family. PS-I hope you got that nap!

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    Bless your heart for being an adult and doing what was right for your little guy. Now you are more sure that following your instincts is the best way.
    So very sorry to hear about your baby dying. How can you get thru that and still be so unselfish? Bless you for being what your kids need. Happy days

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    Everyone gets their turn in the rain. While 2012 wasn’t my favorite year our family was blessed in SO many ways! We were blessed with Kell, Ash, & Gray, with some amazingly supportive family and friends, and a closer relationship with the Father and His Son.
    Gotta find the sunny side of life!

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