pottery barn diy wooden buoy

The nautical trend is hot right now! (Isn’t it every summer!?!) I wanted to add a little nautical spice to my front porch but what to do, what to do….I spied some super cool wood buoys in the Pottery Barn catalog months ago, showed my husband, and put them on my To Make List.
A short time later my sweet husband came home with the perfect piece of wood I was SO excited, I practically pushed him out into the garage to help me make them immediately! (Good thing he likes working on projects with me!)

I decided that I wanted my tallest buoy to be about 12″ then the middle 10″ and the shortest 8″. We actually had so much wood that I was able to get two of each size.

We had a 4×6 so we ripped it down to a 4×4 using a table saw. Had there been a 4×4 in the scrap bin that’s what we would have gotten but free is free and we are always happy to adapt free to suit our needs.

We took a piece of thin cardboard and cut the corner off to make a template. I traced the cut lines on each of the corners.

Micah chopped off the corners using a chop saw.

Next he drilled a hole in the top of each of the buoys.

After that I sanded them all smoothing out the rough edges. All of the buoys got a couple coats of heirloom white spray paint. Once they were dry it was time to paint!

I used my summer theme colors of red, white, and blues to add stripes to most of the buoys. Once the stripes were dry, we sprayed them with a clear coat to protect them from the wet weather we have here in the Pacific Northwest. Add a little rope with a simple knot tied to make a handle and there you have your Pottery Barn inspired wooden buoy.

Here they are on my front porch adding a little nautical welcome (ahoy!) to all that pop by! Man, I need to paint those rockers! Put it on the list!

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  1. says

    I LOVE this!!! So creative!! I love Pottery Barn, however, I have to pick and choose my purchase battles with my hubby 😉 It’s so great to see that you can re-create them yourself!! :) Thank you for sharing!!
    Fawn Over Baby

    …visiting from THE Pin It Party :)

      • Debra Ruffing says

        I was wondering if you would share the template you used. I am not good at winging it. My dh has leukemia and his bathroom is beachy, but I wanted to make it more masculine…you know? : ) He so wishes we were not living landlocked in PGH, PA. Thank you so much for your consideration.


  2. says

    Oh Shelly, these are so much fun and they look so good! I just love nautical decor (every season!), I’ll have to try these out whenever I get over my fear of power tools (my Husband is unfortunately not the handy-man, boo!).


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