insta-friday #10

Oh man, it’s been a crazy last couple of weeks! Kell is teething which means no sleep for both of us, lots of tears, many laps bounced around the house, messy house, regular routine….what routine!?! I know everyone who has kids has gone through this or will go through this and it’s just a phase but it’s just not so much fun for now. Okay done whining!
I’m super behind on the insta-friday sharing so there’s a lot. Here we go!

I have to watch out for this little sneaky Pete!

Whenever these two get together it’s imagination station! Seriously, they come up with the most creative games…love it!

One of Ash’s favorite things to do is tape craft sticks together to create “stick men”. He colors the sticks with markers. His fingers are always covered with ink but he loves it.

Kell is a mover and a shaker but not a walker yet. He’s SO close!!

Opening and closing cupboards are his favorite.

Play date in the park.

Playing trucks in the park.

We went to a birthday party and I fell in love with this coffee station. All my parties will now have one of these.

I can’t believe that my sweet Gray is done with 5th grade! Where did the time go!?! I know everyone always says that but seriously where did it go!?!

Ash’s farm school had this super fun end of the year carnival. Here’s Ash loving his pony ride. He didn’t want to go alone so I had to walk along with him. I had Kell in the backpack and as we were making our lap around I felt like a pony giving Kell his ride.

Gray won a beta fighting fish at one of the game booths. He named it Master Chief.

Here’s Ash’s end of the year poem. I adore this child.

All the graduating PreK-ers got cowboy hats and tossed them in the air.

Here’s me and my dudes…who are now calling each other broseph like Joseph only with a bro in front. I am one lucky mama!

I co-hosted a PreK grad party for my mom’s group. I put together a bunch of props for the mamas to take pics of their kiddos. Ash was a cool candy nerd.

Kell took a spin on the swings and LOVED it! He wouldn’t give up his bottle…I tried.

We took a road trip to Newport OR with my parents over Father’s Day weekend. It was SO much fun! Ash’s 1st time in the ocean.

Kell loved crawling all around in the sand.

Happy Father’s Day! Love that instagram has this black & white feature being that I had absolutely zero make-up on and hadn’t slept the whole time we were there. Thanks teething!

Kell happily letting the sand slip through his fingers. No joke did this for like an hour.

My beach boys.

Happy Friday!

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