dollar store patriotic bunting

I recently made a trip to the dollar store where I saw this patriotic bunting and it made me smile so I had to get it. It was only a dollar!
It’s super festive all on it’s own but I thought I could add a little something to make it even more fun for the BBQ we’re having on the 4th. Well, I say we but really we’re having it at our friend’s house however, she likes it when I get my crazy on and bring a box full of festive fun!

I had a spool of this woven white ribbon. It’s the kind you see at weddings and other outdoor events. You can get it for cheap by the spool at Michaels and other craft shops. Add some scotch tape and some scissors and I was good to go!

I cut the ribbon to three different lengths and made them pretty with points.

Took some pieces of scotch tape and taped them to the bunting in between each of the flags.

I used tape because I seriously doubt this will last another year. The bunting was well a dollar and it’s that foil inspired material so kind of delicate.

I love it and I can’t wait to hang it on the front porch the day of the BBQ!


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